Dans latest adventure

Last Saturday Dan went out for another long run.  He’s prepping to do a long run to a lake when we’re in California, so this was his last big one before his large adventure when we’re there.

This was his longest trail run since his foot surgery.  Woot!

Parked up Big Cottonwood Canyon, starting at the Mill B North Fork Trail.

Here’s what his route looked like, typed out…it’s LONG 🙂

Mill B North Fork Trail to Desolation Trail to Mill A Basin to Bowman Fork to Porker Fork and Back to Mill B North Fork.

20130810_065120Started out just after 6am.

20130810_07085620130810_07233920130810_07240020130810_072845He sent me this awesome picture of  various wild berries he snacked on for a majority of the run.  He said they were insanely DELICIOUS!

20130810_08260620130810_08130220130810_082610So PRETTY!  He was beyond stoked when he got home.  He felt good, ran well and for him, this just makes his heart, mind and body so happy.

16.5 Miles and 6,800 vertical feet of climbing.  Yeah Dan!



16.5 miles, 6,800 vert.  Hike ups fast and run the rest



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