Weekly Weigh In {and some other stuff}

Happy Thursday people!

Just a short post today.  I’m down 1 pound from last week, putting me at 154.  I was there two weeks ago and I’m happy with it!  Just the fact that I’m four pounds away from the original goal I set is amazing.  I am proud!   I seem to have come out of my emotional eating funk I was in.  I had been snacking more than I should over the past two weeks.  I’m only human and sometimes it gets the best of me.  I’m 95% better at dealing with that now, thank goodness.


A good before and now picture to remind me of how far I’ve come.  I need to remind myself of this all the time!  I feel really great and that’s what matters.usdriving

We’ve been keeping things fairly mellow since this kid has had a crappy cold.  His nose has been like a faucet both morning and middle of the night.  Here’s to hoping he’s getting over it soon.golfmater

Lots of golfing…overandoverAnd racing trucks down the ramp over and over and over…


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