Hello Monday

We had a great weekend full of family time and being outside.

cousintrampOur cute cousin Emily was baptized on Saturday.  He loves to jump on their tramp (this time with Jane and Alex).  Yummy brunch for everyone afterwards.  Thanks Matt and Sheri!

Dan got in a really good run Saturday morning.  I’ll post more on that later.  He ate yummy wild berries like crazy along the way!

morningberriesIt was so nice, cool and beautiful outside this morning (at 7:30am) that we had to eat on the deck.  So pretty.


sammerubyWe watched Ruby for Ali this morning.  Sam seriously LOVES this girl.  She took a really good nap and he kept asking when she was going to wake up so he could play with her.  So tender.


Did some super fun swimming before dinner.   This kid is a fish!

cmgI did a long ride Saturday afternoon and evening.  It was SO pretty.  The temps had cooled off a bit by 3:45 and I was in a the shade a lot.  Really cool mine you can see on the climb up.

pukehilltopI purposely saved this climb for last.  Most people ride the Wasatch Crest as just one ride and call it good.  I had already climbed 2,600 feet before I got to “Puke Hill.”  In the past, this hill would have worked me hard, as it’s pretty steep and I would have been insanely tired.  I was tired and breathing hard, but felt amazing at the top.  I could have gone more.   This is where all of my long rides pay off.  I now have endurance I’ve never had.  Thank goodness, because I’m going to need it when Dan, Jamon and I ride the entire way around Timpanogos in mid September.  That ride is around 33 miles and 6,000 feet of climbing.  I’m training for adventure!


Ali and I had some passes to ride the Tram so we took the kids up on Friday.  It was cold, windy and raining a bit but they did great and we had tons of fun!  Braving the wind!alirubytramwindytram

Seriously, it was cold!momsamtramThanks Ali for a fun time!


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