Dan runs Lone Peak

Normally I blog about my riding and fun adventures and don’t really post many details about Dan’s long stuff.  I decided he needs his own blog posts about his awesome adventures, too!  While I get a good chunk of time to ride on Saturday’s, he has Sunday’s for a big adventure.  This is our normal routine and schedule on the weekend when the weather is warm.  It works great for our little family.  I love that he and Sam get to spend good one on one time while I’m out…especially since Sam is going through an, “I want Mom here all the time and to do everything” phase.  🙂

He’s been alternating weekends doing a long ride and a long run.  His latest run was up Lone Peak.  The trail head is only 10 minutes from our house, which is extra awesome.   I’d say most people do this hike as an overnight type thing.  Most of you know that Dan likes to go big, enjoy the views and come home, which I love and honestly, amazes me that he can just go run like that.  This run/hike was 14 miles.  He did 6,000 feet of climbing and took him 5 hrs and 40 mins.   I’m am beyond thankful that his foot surgery was successful and he’s out there again doing what he loves to do.  Just the other day I told him he needs to do the Wasatch Speed Goat again.  I’m 100% there will be many races in his near future and I’m so happy about it!

Now for pics, which is really what this post is about…



20130728_103551Cool little shelter that anyone can use if they need to stay.

20130728_10394520130728_111022Getting there.

20130728_11534520130728_115652This totally looks like a volcano. So cool.  I’m glad he got an early start because the clouds were starting to really get thick at the summit and on his way down.  We had some rain that afternoon.  Perfect timing!

20130728_141446And a blender full of coconut and peaches smoothie for his first snack.

Until next week…So glad you’re back at it this stuff!


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