Weekly Weigh In {and other things}

Happy Wednesday! It was a beautiful morning for some trail running with Ali.  The views were awesome.


Today I’m down 1lb from last week! (currently 154 lbs)  I was a bit surprised since I’ve been seriously hungry lately and have been snacking and eating quite a bit.  I’m pretty sure my body just needed the extra fuel, even though I haven’t been adding in any extra working out.  I have been diligent about sprinting at least 1-2 times a week though, something I wasn’t doing consistently for a month or two.  I’m also not running as much as I was, but when I do run I feel awesome!  I haven’t trail run in two weeks and I felt great this morning when I was out with Ali.  All the cross training I do for biking and running seriously helps…especially the weight lifting and sprinting.

I was telling Ali that for the majority of my adult life (17 years old up to now) I’ve never reached such a big goal.  I’ve always failed at losing weight and have always told myself I can’t do it, can’t go further and can’t keep trying.  Well, I’m 100% sure I CAN do this and I CAN reach my goals and even go beyond.  It’s such a weight off my shoulders to say yes to this whole process and to just let it happen and to keep moving forward and keep improving myself both physically and mentally.  Along with losing weight has come strength my body has never had before and I’m loving it and am so proud of myself and my dedication to this process.  minisquashMy new favorite veggie…those mini squash that come in a bag from Costco.  We just throw some olive oil, garlic salt, pepper and dijon on them for a bit and put them all on the grill.  SO good!  Yummy dijon rosemary chicken to go with it.

eggsCrappy picture, but Dan has been making this yummy scramble.  He sautes some garlic, lemon zest and chives in butter then scrambles the eggs and grind some pepper on top.   So delicious and way fast.

radishAnother new fav…radishes for some good crunch in my salads.  I used to really dislike these but love them now.

samjanetrainTook Sam and Jane to ride this super fun train at the library yesterday.  They waited SO patiently for 50 minutes just to ride the train for five.  So fun!

rubysleepsGot to hold this sleeping Ruby last Saturday night while Ali and Mark were playing soccer.  Man I love her.


One of the many reason I love to ride a mountain bike.  These views.


pineconeSaturday’s long ride (Armstrong, Pinecone, Crest to Canyons) was pretty much perfect.  There was some weather so we had a little rain, cool temps and clouds the entire time.  And even though I was riding with Re, I have a lot of alone  time to just think and look at my surroundings and be so thankful for where I live and that I’m able to enjoy these views so much.  I am lucky.

I’ll be back in a couple days with some really awesome pictures from Dan’s trail run adventure up Lone Peak this last weekend.  He killed that thing up and back…most people do it as an overnight type hike 🙂


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