Sam {3.5 years old}

I used to love updating  about Sam and his happenings each month, then every couple months.  I love that I have record of that and I can go back anytime and look to see what our days and months were like and especially, how much he’s grown already.

This is mainly for me, but I know his grandparents and family may like it too 🙂

diggingHe’s very much into digging these days.  We’ll sit out side and he’ll dig in the dirt forever…multiple times a day.  He likes to race trucks and cars down the driveway over and over to see them crash. He loves to play in the basement. He loves anything Cars movie, monster trucks, soft stuffed animals, cozy blankets, watching shows, playing learning games on the tablet-especially since it’s been so hot outside this summer.  He loves, loves to jump off stuff….the couch, stairs, deck railing, anything.


He especially loves to play and be outside.  We spend at least half the day outside when it’s not too hot (or cold).  He loves to throw rocks in water, ride his bike, go skiing, play at the park and go hiking.  He is such a good hiker!


He’s becoming quite the little fish.  Each week that goes by, he’ll swim farther and farther to us.  Just this past Friday he’s been diving down to touch the bottom on his own.  He calls it his “whale dives”

  This video was taken over three weeks ago…he’s come a long way since then.

He is definitely going through a phase of being grumpy, mean, tantrums like crazy and just being a three year old.  It’s hard because although he’s becoming more independent, it’s hard to reason with him on many things.  I always say it’s like talking to a brick wall, as he’s just not mature enough to reason on lots of little and insignificant things.  He’s learning how to share better-I know this phase will also get better.   Thank goodness he has lots of cousins and friends to practice with!   He goes in timeout, which he doesn’t like, but it works well most of the time.  He gets it and needs it to re-start his attitude most the time.

sammeanHe’s got a good grumpy grinch face and attitude these days!
Things aren’t always happy, happy but I can’t complain because he’s more than happy and nice the majority of the time.  He’s normally up for any outing or plans that we have each day.


He’s been going through a phase of being afraid of the dark and sometimes it can take a toll on all of our sleep.  This can happen right after we’ve put him to bed or in the middle of the night.  He has a cool, new nightlight and it seems to be helping.  He still hasn’t come out of his room on his own in the night, but he’ll stand right up to thedoor and cry and whine. It’s only a matter of days or weeks before I know he’ll start coming out of his room 🙂

He’s potty trained day and night  and especially loves to pee outside wherever we are.  I have to say that although it’s nice he can’t get out of his room yet, I’m excited for the day he can just go to the bathroom at night, by himself.  That will be a great milestone!


He talks a mile a minute and says the funniest things sometimes….here’s a little conversation we had last week:

Sam: Mom, Mom! I can have Santa pick me up and go to the Alta pool with me!
Me: Wow, that sounds fun bud!
Sam: Yeah, and he can share his money with you to get new toys and underwear. Oh, does Santa wear underwear?
Me: I think he does, yep.
Sam: No, he doesn’t need to wear underwear, cause the reindeer will catch his poops.

He is as sweet and tender as can be when we talk about and go see Naomi.  He often says, “I miss my sister.  She is in heaven and you drove her there!”  I look forward to the day when he can really understand what happened with her and know how special she is and that he’ll always have her as a sister.

samisthreeandhalfSam has so many friends and cousins he loves to play with and I’m SO thankful for that.


He LOVES to be around when we’re working out.  He especially loves to mimic what we’re doing…mostly like his Dad 🙂  I’m so thankful he’ll know how important living a healthy and active life is.


theysleepHe naps for about 1.5 hrs a day and needs it.  He’s so good about napping and sometimes asks for it.  I’ll take it and ride this ride as long as it works for us. The majority of the time we have to wake him up, which I love since I get to see him sleeping.  He normally sleeps from 8:30pm to 6:30 or 7am.

Some of his favorite things to eat these days are berries (especially raspberry and blackberry), most fruit, sausage, most chicken and burgers, carrots, peas, corn, pb&j sandwiches, plain tortillas, nuggets, pretzels, crackers, cheerios, dark chocolate chips and any sort of treat he can get his hands on.  Seriously, he’d eat treats all day if I let him.

ikeaconeHe’s an independent firecracker, stubborn, happy, sweet, nice, caring, loving (especially to baby Ruby), loves his Dad and especially his Mom 🙂  He’s the best 3.5 year old I know.  I’m SO lucky to spend our days together!




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