Weekly weigh in {and other things}

Happy Thursday!

This week I’m down a 1/2 pound from last week.  I was a bit surprised actually since I’ve been feeling so good over the last week.  I also feel like my clothes are a good indication of how I’m doing and they’ve been feeling a bit loose lately.  So, it’s not from losing actual pounds, but from the weight lifting/strength training I’m dedicated and loving.  Lifting weights will change the shape(and tone) your body and it’s really doing that for me, despite what the scale says.  I’m still moving forward and trying to get to 150lbs by the end of August, so I need to tighten up my eating and really focus on that.  I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the most important thing to me is how I’m feeling…and I feel pretty awesome!

quarryhikeWent for a fun hike with Ali and family yesterday.  It’s not until I went back and looked at this pic several times and had some comments on it that makes me realize just how far I’ve come on this weight loss journey.  I am proud.

snowbirddateEarlier in the week Dan and I went on a much needed date…on bikes!  Rode the trails around Snowbird, where it was so nice and cool.  It was fairly short, but oh so fun!  We got some dinner to go, ate in peace and quiet and even took showers before Ali dropped Sam off.  THE best and Thank you Ali!

hangchairrubycubeThe next night we watched the girls so Ali and Mark could go out.  I haven’t watched all three of them at the same time yet, so thank goodness Dan was there to help.  We actually had so much fun!  I managed to get Sam, Siri and Jane a bath all at the same time while Dan let Ruby sleep in his lap.   It was pretty adorable.  Let’s do it again, Ali!

swimlapsYesterday I swam some laps with Ali.  Holy crap that was hard!  It’s like when you’re first starting to run, only you have to hold your breath!  I’m OK at it and can’t wait to go more, especially for something new and a change up in my weekly routine.  Ali is a good swimmer, FYI 🙂

24thpartyfood24thkidsEvery July 24th, my Aunt Joan hosts a super fun BBQ.  Not only is her house and yard totally awesome, but it’s my most favorite Fetzer family party of the year.  I love to catch up with everyone and see SO many kids running around having the best time.  Sam jumped on the tramp forever and ever.

24thjoanJoan has two horses and a huge garden to die for.  I was eating some of her cherry tomatoes off the vine like candy.  Delicious!


24thfireworksWe stayed late to let Sam watch all the fireworks.  He loved it…I loved it!  He was in bed just before 10pm, which is the latest for him yet.  Thankfully he went right to sleep and slept like a rock all night long.

Have a great weekend!


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