Hello Monday

We had a super fun weekend around here.  Nothing super special, just playing outside when we could stand this crazy heat and spending time with family.  Oh, and doing some awesome bike riding of course.

Dan and I both got some form of what Sam had so Wed-Friday were not fun.  Thankfully no throwing up for either of us, but we both felt like we got hit by a bus with tiredness and my stomach hurt like crazy Thursday and Friday.  I finally started feeling better and actually got some sleep on Friday night.  I was running on about 4 hours of sleep those days… NOT good.  So glad that’s over.

feelingbetterAfter waking up too early, Sam and I got to snuggle a lot on the couch Saturday morning.  I was feeling SO much better.  Dan was out on a long  and beautiful ride.


Despite feeling like crap, I made it out to the splash pad with him one day.  He’s never been a huge fan of splash pads, but this day he wanted to keep playing and playing.  Making progress 🙂sirisamloveAlso spent a bit of time with Janie and Siri.  He and Siri don’t always play super well together (mostly because of Sam and the phase they are in) but when they do, they really love each other.  So cute.

candybaconWe had a birthday party to go to on Saturday night and needed to bring something.  On a whim, Dan decided to make Praline Chocolate drizzled Bacon.  Holy cow it was amazing and delicious and rich!  I’m almost certain it was a bigger hit than the birthday girl herself at the party.  Everyone raved about it…and why wouldn’t you?  So good.  Bacon candy to boot!


{Shadow Lake}

Dan and I did a similar ride this weekend, but he added on a bunch more to his.  Both were super pretty, way cooler temps and new -to- us trails up in Park City.  So fun!

danjupiterdanempireTop of Empire Pass

bikejupiterTop of Jupiter Peak yesterday on my ride.  10, 400 feet.  Re and I climbed 3,200 feet to get there from the base of Park City Mountain Resort.  Lots of wildflowers and cool temps.   Dan did close to 5,000 feet of climbing…way more. Crazy guy, but so glad he’s getting out on his long adventures again!

lizdeadtreemejupitertopMade it!

trailsidesamYesterday we had family dinner at Trailside Park in Park City.  Still hot, but cooler than being in the 104 degree valley and super fun biking and playgrounds for the kids.

trailsidedinnerlazy sunday

Oh, and check out some cool photos of Dan riding, right HERE on Mark’s website.

Have a good week!  I’ll be back again on Wednesday or Thursday for my weekly weigh in and other stuff.


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