Weekly Weigh in {and other things}

Yesterday I weighed in about the same as last week.  Currently at 156lbs.  I had a really good loss last week, so it’s not surprising.  I’m happy and feeling great and you all know that’s what matters most to me at this point.  I shopped a bit for a few clothes today, haven’t done that for a while and it was not awful.  It was actually quite fun and I can’t wait to try on clothes again sometime!

This week I’m proud of my 190 pound squat PR!  Heaviest weight yet and it felt really good.  Did this for 3 sets of 5 and probably could have gone 5 pounds more.  I’ll save that for next week  I’ve really learned to love lifting weights and strength training in general.  I’m getting stronger as the weeks go by and lifting weights I didn’t think I could get to.  It’s a personal accomplishment that’s ongoing and a great way to push myself.

squatprAs far as food goes, I’m going to try and focus more on making new recipes and yummy dinners so Dan isn’t bored 🙂

swimmingWe’ve been doing some swimming

ikeaconeAnd free lunch and $1 cones at IKEA on Tuesdays

snowbirdAli and I went to a super fun all women’s mingle/event/get to know each other at Snowbird last night.  Lots of lovely ladies there that we’ve known from working at Backcountry.com and being in the outdoor industry.

sunsetAnd on the way home the sunset was crazy.  I don’t normally take pics of our sunsets, but this one was so pretty.  This picture just can’t do it justice.

Happy Thursday people!


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