Hello Monday

And thank goodness it’s a new day.  We spent all of yesterday (starting about 3am) caring for a sick Sam.  Poor guy threw up a bunch and was NOT himself.  Definitely the worst bug he’s had yet.


Last night he seemed to be feeling much better and was back to his jumping around self.  He also slept really well last night, so thankful because Dan and I were pretty darn tired from that 3am wake up call.  Hopefully this bug is gone for good.

jumpinheberrideSaturday my long ride was new to me and totally awesome!  About 24 miles of super fun riding near Heber and around Jordanelle Reservoir.  Pretty much the whole time you’re riding you can see Timpanogos, the Heber and Midway valley, Deer Creek and Jordanelle Reservoir.  SO PRETTY!

oldcrewbikingOne of the best parts of this long was was the company.  This is my old riding crew who I used to work and ride with a lot.  We still see and hangout with Re and Jamon a bunch, but we all hadn’t ridden together since 2009.

jordanelleJordanelle.  We were definitely feeling the heat as we started the long and fun decent.  I was ready to be done!  I will for sure be doing this one again though, so beautiful.

rainbowLater Saturday we went to watch Ali and Mark play soccer and got caught in an awesome thunder and rain storm.  The end was pretty!

cecret collageFriday we took a little family hike up to Cecret Lake.  First time up this year and it was so pretty up there.



Perfect temps and one of Dan’s favorite places to be when he’s been feeling sad/blue about Naomi.

slipnslideLast week we also went to a super fun water party at Julia’s.  Sam was quite the fan of the slip n slide.  So funny.

sprintsAlways wants to be like Dad.  Sam ran up and down the street with Dan as he did sprints.  Cutest thing ever.  Seriously.  He was even acting like he was breathing really hard and was saying “whew, that was fast.  I sure was sweatin’!”

Have a great week!  I’ll be back on Wednesday or Thursday for my weekly weigh in and other things.


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