Happy Friday {weekly weigh in and Naomi pics}

This weeks weigh in was great.  I’m down 2lbs from last week!  (156.4lbs right now)  I’m getting closer and closer to the goal I set for myself nine months ago.  I’d like to reach 150lbs by aunt Kelly’s wedding on August 24th, so that’s what I’m shooting for.  I’m realizing more and more that yes, the number on the scale does matter, but the way I feel in my clothes and how my body is looking and feeling is even more important now that I’m getting closer to that goal.

I am feeling awesome and THAT is such a good feeling.

yeardifference(36 weeks pregnant last summer vs. this past week)


We had a wonderful day celebrating Naomi on Wednesday.  Besides Sam’s epic tantrum and meltdown in the morning, it was the perfect day.  I went trail running with Ali early in the morning.  It was beautiful and the perfect way to start my emotional day.   I’m so glad Ali asked if we had plans during the day, because I knew I would need to stay busy and be around family.

naomicakeWe sang Happy Birthday to Naomi.  They sang SO loud and it was so, so tender.   Later in the afternoon we did some swimming before heading to dinner with my family and then to her grave.

naomigraveIt looks really, really pretty right now.  So colorful, bright and happy!  Thank you so much Jane and Kelly for the beautiful flowers.

naomibookAll of my siblings gave us this book to remember her special funeral service and life.  I’m pretty sure I’ve looked through it five times a day the last three days :).   Thank you brothers and sisters!

cousinsnaomiEach of the cousins let a balloon go in her honor.

gravefamilyMost of my family.  So happy  and thankful we could all be there together.

naomioneyearOur little family of four.  I can’t help but cry at this picture.  So bittersweet.  I left  her grave feeling so, so happy and content.  Without my family and friends, I could not have moved forward and been as strong as I have been.  They helped make this special day even better.  I know Dan feels the same way.

Mark and Jenn took much better photos than these from my phone, so I’ll post a bunch of those when I get them.

Happy weekend!


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