Hello Monday

Oh sweet Ruby!  All she wants to do is chew and suck on her hands and dress or whatever’s there 🙂 Ali and Mark had a beautiful day for her blessing yesterday.  Their house and yard looked great!  Doesn’t Ali look awesome?  Yeah, four months post Ruby.  So proud of her.

rubyblessingsundaybestAnd take a good look Jane, Mike and Kelly…doesn’t Dan look so handsome and nice?!  It’s rare he wears a tie and dresses up.  I love it.


sistersThe best sisters ever.

saturdayrideDan and I both got some really good, long rides in on Saturday.  We’ve had storms pretty much every evening the last couple days, with gigantic downpours.  It had just rained the night before, but the trails were still in great shape.  Pretty perfect and riding alone this time.  As you can probably guess, I thought about Naomi a lot like I always do near the 10th of each month.  Dan did an awesome ride up in Park City.  About 4.5 hours and lots and lots of climbing and a fun downhill.

swimtimeWhile he was out, we tried to get some swimming in.  We made it 30 mins before the crazy storm hit.  So much lighting and thunder!

chimmychangaWe ate one of our favorite chicken recipes that night.  Great for a post long ride meal.  This is by far one of the easiest and best ways to cook plain old chicken in about 20-25 minutes.  Recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen.  So good.  It’s their Chimmychanga filling recipe.  We leave out the fried/baked tortilla part.

poweroutOh, and yesterday morning about 2am our power went out.  Just before 6am Sam woke up crying from a bad dream and wanted to come lay with us.  That just means he wanted to play and start his day, ugh.  He’ll normally go back to sleep, but it didn’t help that the power company started drilling and pulling up the neighbors driveway to figure out what was going on.  So, he and Dan played outside and watched for a while…might as well at 7am!  Thankfully the power was on when we got home from Ali’s about Noon.  So thankful.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with my thoughts and feelings about Naomi’s one year passing.   I’ve been thinking about it A LOT.  Posting my weekly weigh in Thursday or Friday.

Have a great week!


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