A Happy 4th!

Hope you all had a fun 4th!  I’m so thankful for this land we live in and the freedoms and independence we have.   Yesterday, I was trying to explain to Sam that we live in United States of America and who our president is.  He also had some coins in his hand on the way down from our bike ride and I heard him say, “oh, there’s a silly guy on this money!”  So, I explained George Washington and our presidents and why it was the 4th of July. We also talked about the flag and what it means.   I love how interested he was and it made me realize I need to learn more myself. 🙂

flag4thcrestsamWe started our day off with a ride up on the Crest with some friends for me, then a ride for Dan right after I was done.  Dan and Sam walked around Silver Lake and got caught up in the Brighton Parade while I was out, so that was super fun for them!

4thcrestWe had some rain that night so the trails were in PERFECT condition and it cooled things down.  It’s like having that best powder day of skiing, only on a bike!

20130704_120454After they picked me up we headed right back up the road a bit and dropped Dan off at Brighton to start his ride.  He rode up the Catherine’s Pass trail, over into Alta, down Snowbird and the entire rest of the Canyon…all on trails until he hit the road on Wasatch Blvd. to ride home.  It was definitely one of the longest downhills you can do around here.


Lake Mary20130704_123939

20130704_12255920130704_132908Superior in the background.  I LOVE this picture.



Really long downhill and he said it was SO super fun!  Took him 3 hours.  Glad I told him to take pictures!

sparklersDan and Sam went swimming for a bit before we headed over to Jenn’s for a BBQ and some little fireworks.

fireworksI love how most of them are covering their ears.  It wasn’t loud, but I remember doing the same when I was a kid.  Sam wasn’t scared with these one’s, but when we got home and put him to bed, the really loud ones in our neighborhood started.  I had to go in and reassure him it was OK.  He was definitely nervous about all the noise but was tired enough to drift off to sleep pretty quick.

family4thIt was a happy 4th!


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