Wednesday Weigh In

No weight loss this morning.   This past week I can say for sure that I ate too much.  Yes, I went for a super long and hard ride on Saturday plus all the other working out I did but I just didn’t need that piece of cake at the birthday party or all those chips and salsa or a second helping of that rice and bean salad or a third handful of chocolate chips….you get the point.  Although I feel really good these days and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and how strong I’m getting, I still need to lose some weight.   It’s just reality and sometimes it sucks!  And this totally speaks to me.  No matter how hard I workout,  what I eat is absolutely key when going for weight loss and when I’m finally in the phase of maintaining.


All that being said, it’s a new week and like I always say, I’m moving forward and have a positive attitude!  I need to get back on track and off the mindset that since we’re at a “special event” or “special bbq” it’s not OK to eat everything in sight, even if I’ve just been out on a four hour ride.   Tomorrow night at our fun 4th of July BBQ, I’ll be more conscious of what I’m eating and how much.  I’m going to have fun, but not overdo it.


Last week I talked about how I may have some issues with dairy…This week I’ve slowly been adding those things back in, one at a time to see how I feel.  The greek yogurt I love didn’t cause any problems, so glad!  Today I’m going to have some feta in my salad and see how I feel.  Then, I’ll have the half and half and feta in the same day, maybe tomorrow to see how it goes.  If I feel crappy, I’m going to keep it out of my daily eating like I did last week.  dinnerprep2Dinner prep last night.  Eat the rainbow!

shouldersAnd last week I also wanted to start making it a point to point out how proud I am of some aspect of my eating, body, health…etc.  This morning I’m proud of my shoulders.  They are getting stronger by the week and beautiful in my eyes!

spinbikeAnd this boy.  He sat on that spin bike watching Cars, just chilling out.  He’s been mimicking our workouts a lot lately.  I love that we are setting a good example to him of how this aspect of our lives is really important…being healthy and strong!


dipsAnd this morning I got to workout these lovely ladies at the park. I hope they are all sore (in some places) tomorrow.   This is our second week and we had more ladies join this time.  Next week we’ll go harder and faster, so get ready!

Happy Wednesday and have a great Holiday!


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