Hello Monday

We had a super fun weekend in the heat.  Seriously, it is HOT, HOT, HOT here!  We’re going on the fourth day or something of 100+ and I think we still have at least four or five more to go before we get to a cool 97 degrees 🙂  I am so very thankful for our central air, that’s for sure!

pooldinosBeen doing a lot of this and swimming at the pool.  Since we don’t have much shade of any kind in the backyard until the afternoon, I’ve been putting the pool in the carport.  It’s the perfect place…at 8:30 in the morning.  He loves it!

maxbdayWe celebrated Max turning three with a small BBQ at Jenn’s on Friday night.  He and Sam love to play and play together.  I love that they get along so well.


Another awesome long ride on Saturday.  I convinced my cute friend Brynn to come suffer a bit with me.  It’s always extra awesome when I get to ride with another Mom.  She has a cute 11 month old, born just a few weeks after Naomi.   And, we found out we have mutual friends and didn’t know it…bonus!brynnmedirtyIt’s dusty out there, especially after you’ve ridden 21 miles, climbed 3,000 feet and been out for four solid hours on a mt. bike.   We rode from the Park City side-Armstrong-Pinecone-Crest to the Canyons.   THE best!  I felt so, so good on this ride and was really worked and spent after.  I love that feeling.

snarfingAnother BBQ at some friends who just moved down the street from us.  Sam was snarfing down this watermelon.  Delicious!

bbqfoodAnd my only food picture from all of the delicious food we had over the weekend.  Corn, bbq’d veggies and a chicken kabob (steak for Dan).  This is minus the chips and salsa and more veggies and hummus I had.  Oh, and that small piece of homemade chocolate cake for Max’s bday 🙂

Yesterday Sam and I got to hangout with Ruby for a few hours while Dan went on another long run.  He LOVES her so much.  It’s so tender.



I’ll be back later for my Wednesday Weigh in.  Have a good 4th of July week!


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