Wednesday Weigh In

Today I’m down a 1/2 lb. from last week.  I’ll take it!  This week I’d like to give a little shout out to my backside.  You know, you’re bum 🙂  I haven’t seen my back side this “small” since I was a wee teenager, maybe even before then.  Yeah, I have a big butt and I know it…BUT, it’s shrinking and I’m proud of that this week.

lessbum Not the best picture, but you get the idea.  Each week I’d like to focus on something I’m really proud of.  Whether it’s my eating, some part of my body or just life in general.  It’s good for me to take pride in my hard work and dedication, especially if or when I’m not feeling it on a certain day or week.

Tomorrow morning I start leading a group of women in Ali’s neighborhood in a weekly workout (Every Thursday morning at 6:30am at Falcon park…come!).  She and I went through it yesterday and I’m 100% sure these women will sweat and be sore.  I’m actually so, so excited to be the one telling others to be uncomfortable and to push themselves!   If you’re not uncomfortable when you’re working out, then you’re not working hard enough and you won’t see changes. Period.

workhardmustardLast night I did THIS marinade on some chicken.  It’s by far our favorite right now.  Super easy and I get to use tons of fresh basil and rosemary from our pots!  It’s seriously good.  Normally you’d baste it on any sort of meat kabobs, but I add in some olive oil (and basil) to make it more of a marinade.  Delicious!

Speaking of food, I’m fairly certain I’ve developed some sort of intolerance to lactose.  Ugh, it’s a sad day because I love feta in my salad and some of my go-to snacks and things are dairy.  I don’t eat a lot of dairy in general, but the stuff I do seems to be making my insides mad.   String cheese is a great little snack and I also love a little half and half in my tea each morning.  It’s become really uncomfortable so I need to eliminate this stuff to see what will work for me and what won’t.   This morning I had some coconut milk in my chai tea and it was really good, so I don’t think I will miss that half and half much.  I will however really miss the feta…I love feta (and soft cheeses)!  Hopefully I’ll still be able to eat greek yogurt, as the enzymes in that normally help your insides, not hurt them.  We’ll see what happens these next few weeks.

itsajourneytry hardAnd these are two quotes that have been on my mind lately.  The first one really speaks to me.  I’ve called this weight loss a journey for me since the beginning and boy is it ever.  Losing a lot of weight isn’t just done quickly.  It’s not done without hard times, frustration and lots of looking at yourself and dealing with other issues, not just the extra weight.  It is a slow process, which will eventually lead to lifelong good habits.    When I workout, this “Try hard Every Day” is really something I focus on.  It’s making me stronger, go longer and keeps my motivation up.


And now post is complete without Sam photos, right?!

He’s very much been into his frosty the snowman lately.

happymondayHappy Wednesday people!


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