Hello Monday

We’re glad to finally have Dan back from a work trip in Montana all last week and he’s finally feeling much better from being sick as can be (which lead to NO sleep for days) For a short moment, at 2:30am on Friday morning I thought we’d have to go to the ER, but we didn’t thank goodness.  We’re waiting to hear back for results on tests for things like Giardia…yeah, NOT pretty and NOT fun.  Bleh.
He’s been back to himself yesterday and riding his bike again today.  Thank goodness!

We shuttled him to the top of Guardsmans Pass to ride the Crest.  Sam and I explored Silver Lake again for the short hour he was riding. So fun!

danbikesexploresilverlake Last Friday, while Dan was catching up on sleep we headed up Bells for some hiking and playing by the water.   The weather was  awesome and the temps were pretty perfect.

bellswaterThe water is SO clear in the reservoir, so spotting fish was super fun!

holdinghandsLast week Sam finished up his first session of swim lessons.  I took Jane and Siri one day and then just Siri on his last day.  They LOVED watching.  I looked over and they were watching intently while holding hands.  Really, really cute.

slidedivingboardOn the last day they had a slide and diving board party.  All the classes got to go down the slide and jump off the board as much as they wanted.  I wouldn’t say Sam learned a ton in these lessons and that’s OK.  I’m just so proud and glad that he went into the pool for every lesson without any hesitation or crying.  He listened so well to Andrew and always participated in everything, never asking or looking for me.


Saturday I had a pretty sweet first ride back on the Crest.  It’s by far one of the best rides in the Wasatch Mountains.  We could never, ever get sick of the views up there.   I love it!crestcollageUnfortunately, when I tried to ride one of the most techy parts of trail (called The Spine) I ended up like this.  Even though I’ve ridden this part at least 10 times before, it wasn’t my day.  This was by far one of the worst crashes I’ve had in the last five years.  I did the biggest front flip/endo you’ve ever seen on a bike and smacked down on the jagged rocks hard.  I’m pretty sure Re thought I was knocked out or totally broken by the sound of it.  Thankfully my helmet didn’t crack and my head is fine but my arm, thigh, hand and lower back look like this.  I’m so thankful it wasn’t worse.  I can deal with scrapes and bruises for sure!

sharaThis is my cute cousin Shara.  She is so cute!  We don’t see my Van Dorn cousins and family much at all.  We went to my cousin Sarah’s reception last night with Kerrah and it was so fun!  I’m so glad we went and it was so, so good to catch up with family that I used to see often.  Now that most of us have kids and we’re “grown up,” I hope we can hangout and play more as the years go by.

sundaydinnerSunday dinner.  Mashed cauliflower, spice rubbed and grilled chicken and Dan shallow fried some potato wedges in coconut oil.  DELICIOUS!

sundayswimAnd this week you can find us by the pool.  It’s going to be hot, hot, hot all week and especially into the weekend.  I’ll be back with my Weigh in Wednesday post in a few days.  Have a good week!


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