Wednesday Weigh in {and other things}

First off, today I’m down 1lb from last week.  Really happy with that!  I’ve still been backing off all the cardio I was doing so let’s hope that continues to show progress.  I feel good.  Like, really good and that’s really what I care about.

And another PR this week! 180 pound squat! I wasn’t sure I could make it, but I felt pretty darn strong so it actually felt great!


scramble2Nothing super exciting on the food front, but I did make an awesome scramble last night with leftover chicken and apple sausage, mini peppers and threw in a bunch of our basil.  It was delicious and super quick!

We had some fun last week at Matt and Sheri’s.  Matt and I went for a ride while Dan and Sam played with Connor and Benjamin.  Sam had SO MUCH FUN, seriously!  He loves playing at their house and being with them.  Dan and I had to take a pedal on the banana mobile of course…

bananabikeswimmingaliPool time with Ali and girls.

bigslideLater that night we went to a super fun going away party for my cute cousin Laurel and her family.  It was SO FUN!

ganduertrailWe had a super mellow and relaxing Father’s Day.  Dan went on one of his longest runs yet.  So happy his foot is healed and he’s getting back into the running that he loves so much!

couchsnugglesTwo peas in a pod.

myfamOh man I love them.dancardI wanted to make a really great and fancy card from us, but all Sam wanted to do was color and scribble all over.  It’s turned outperfect I think 🙂

boystableAte a really yummy dinner in Kamas and spent some good time with John and my Mom all Sunday afternoon and evening.

birdswingaltapicnicaltasnowWe’ve been having lots of fun the past couple days.  We spent yesterday afternoon up at the park at Snowbird with friends and Siri and a car picnic at Alta.  He LOVED it!

whooshAnd this kid was so hyper last night.  We went swimming for a while and then he asked to go home, so I figured he was getting tired.  Nope, he “whooshed and screeched to a stop!” a hundred times before going to bed.  We have a good time around here 🙂


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