Wednesday Weigh In

…and some other stuff, too.

This morning I’m down 2lbs (159lbs).  I’m hoping that my efforts to not over train (doing too much cardio for weight loss) will start to pay off in the next few weeks and I’ll finally see the scale move more like it used to.  I am SO very proud of myself though.  Feeling really good.  This week I’ve PR’d some of my heavy lifting, so that was super exciting as well.  I did an 80# press and 205# deadlift!


(Thank you for the picture mid deadlift, Dan ) 🙂quarrydoneAnd Ali and I went for another run on the Quarry trail.  This time though we went the entire way.  My longest run yet at about 7 miles, all on the trail!  It was so fun and I really liked it but my silly knee was bugging by the end.  Ugh, so frustrating.  She is amazing, 3.5 months post baby #3.

Sam started his first group swim lessons.  He’s done so great the past three days.  I was a bit worried that he might feel overwhelmed with the other kids and a new “teacher,”  and not being in the water with one of us, but he’s just awesome.  He gets right in the water and listens, participates and doesn’t ask for me or whine at all.   I sit back, away in the shade and mind my own business watching.  I feel like this is kind of another big milestone in his little life that I’ve been looking forward to.  He’s still got five more lessons to go and then we’ll see about starting his next session sometime in July.  He’s been telling me, “I do such good swim lessons with Mr. Paulsen!” Can you tell I’m a proud Mom?  You can’t miss him…shortest one on the left! 🙂

swimlessonpowerlineHad an awesome longer ride with some lady friends last weekend.  All three of us are Mom’s (they both have two) who love to ride our bikes and share that with our kids and husbands!

watermelonAte some delicious watermelon with a sprinkle of salt and mint from our backyard.  SO GOOD.

cousinsThanks Jenn for the super fun BBQ last weekend as well.  Tons of fun!


NOT something I’m a fan of right here.  Sunday morning he woke up at 5:30 saying his tummy hurt.  He definitely was trying to throw up something, but nothing really bad came out.  Also had a little bit of the runs throughout the day, but inbetween his little bouts of not feeling well, he just wanted to play and play!jumpingJumping the stones about 8am, feeling alright.

coolerFelt much better by afternoon.  His new fav game.  Throw the mini cooler in the pool to see the big splash!

fampoolLast night we had some pool time.  And even though it was fairly chilly water, he swam and got back in and out three times.  I love it!


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