Random Wednesday

Random pictures for your Wednesday!


I got to hold and snuggle this Ruby babe for a long time last night.  We met Ali and my Mom for a picnic at the park.  She was so cozy and slept in my arms the whole time.  Ugh, too precious…and she’s getting bigger!poolrocks

Yesterday he was way into making his “pond river with rocks”  He “swam” in there for a long time.naps

I love, love to watch him sleep.  I am lucky that he faithfully takes a nap everyday.  A lot of times he asks for his nap about 12:30pm.  I’m savoring this time that we’re still in the napping phase.  I don’t take it for granted, not one bit!lemons

If we ever go out to eat, his favorite thing to do now is cut up the a bowl of lemons and limes and eat them.  Like, eat all of them like it’s an orange.  Crazy kid!kisses

He’s the coolest.  tunafish

A little something different for lunch instead of my “big ass” salad.  Greens topped with tuna.  I make my tuna with 1T. of mayo, some plain yogurt, scallions, celery and I LOVE banana peppers in there too.  So yum.

sambikecarI’m thankful to have friends who offer to take Sam for a bit while I get a ride in.  Thank you so much, Julia!  He loves playing with you guys.

And speaking of biking…It seems I’m stuck in a rut of the dreaded “chronic cardio”  Remember when I blogged about it HERE this past winter?  I need to take my own advice at this point 🙂  My eating on a daily and weekly basis is really good and I’m not super worried or concerned about that aspect, even though I’m very conscious about everything I eat and portion control.   The bottom line is that I set out to lose weight and I have more to go, so I need to focus on getting rid of those pounds and fat before I can keep trying to workout like a crazy lady.  I’m so thankful I have time in my life to workout a lot, but at this point I need to take my 8-9 hours/week of cardio down a bit like how it was in the winter where I was consistently dropping 1-2 lbs a week.  Seems silly to stop working out so much, but there are many factors that go into holding onto weight and not losing weight when you are that chronic cardio person.  I’ll talk about it more in a post on Friday and my weekly weigh in’s will now happen on Wednesday, not Monday so look for that, too!

Happy hump day!


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