Good Monday Morning

(LOTS of pictures today, FYI)

Before I get to how much fun we’ve been having…Today I’m at 161lbs.  Such is the game of losing weight.  Admittedly, I ate lots of snacks while Grandpa was here.  So, yeah.   I also did something I haven’t really ever seriously done which is trail running!  Ali and I met on Friday morning and ran 5 miles on the Quarry trail.  Besides my crappy shoes that made my feet hurt, I felt SO great!  I locked the keys in the car and that was a bummer, but I was so happy with the way I felt and the fact that my knee and nothing “hurt” the next day…just sore ankles and calves from doing something totally different.  I also felt really good on my long ride on Saturday.

At this point, my eating has got to come back on track and I’ve got to be fairly strict about everything I eat.   If not, I’m not going to reach the goal I have by Kelly’s wedding in late August.  I can do it, I know I can!


Oh man we had so much fun with Grandpa Mike here.  We said goodbye to him this morning, which is always a bummer.  We’ll see him again though for a long while for Auntie Kelly’s wedding and some time at his house in August!

skillsparkHad to show him the skills park.

gpatacosTaco cart by Dan’s work one day for lunch!

feedrubyWe hung out with Ruby and Jane for a bit since Ali had to take Siri to the doctor.  He was SO, super excited to be able to help feed little Ruby.  Such a good cousin.

bikedateMike was really nice and let me ride on Thursday while he played with Sam then again on Saturday morning.  I’ve been doing my long rides alone so it was extra awesome that we could go together for three hours.  THE best.

porkWhile we slept and biked, Dan was smoking his most awesome pork.  A really yummy feast after our long ride for lunch on Saturday.  He made cast iron skillet cornbread and collard greens to go along with it.  Holy cow delicious!

IMG_3729Saturday afternoon we headed up to show Mike our family cabin.  Stopped at a cool reservoir, Smith and Moorehouse for some rock throwing and enjoyed the beautiful mountains and weather.

IMG_3728IMG_3732Took a little hike across the valley from the cabin before getting there.

IMG_3736IMG_3743Got there just as Em and Jesse were leaving since they stayed the night before.  The boys went right out to build a fire for S’mores!

IMG_3744He was so into it.  All he wanted to do was throw wood, sticks and rocks into the fire to “roast” them.


usfireWe let him stay up past his bedtime, which was totally awesome.  He was so happy all night and crashed right when we put him to bed about 9:30pm.

IMG_3757We all slept great and didn’t get up for the day til after 8am, which is rare…VERY rare.  So nice.

IMG_3760He REALLY enjoyed his mug of hot chocolate and bowl of berries for breakfast.  He talked about it all the rest of the day 🙂

IMG_3762Went out for a long walk up the Abe’s Lake trail and made it to this gorgeous meadow.  It’s seriously pretty!  We were out for a solid two hours.  He hiked so well and crashed again for his nap.  We all liked that.

guitarWe headed home later after nap for a yummy dinner at Trio Cafe, playing music on the deck and hanging out before bed.

The past five days have flown by and we wish he could stay longer, but we’ll see you again in three short months for tons more fun!

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