Good Monday Morning {Happy Memorial Day}

THANK YOU to those who have and do serve our country.  It is a special day indeed to remember those brave men and women.

American Flags, Lubbock, Texas, TXWe had a fairly mellow holiday weekend…today being much of the same.

flyingdogSaturday I did a long ride near Park City.  Flying Dog has become one of my favorite rides not only because of the awesome downhill, but I love to climb, climb, climb that trail!  I added on the Preserve Connector so it added up to about 22 miles and a little over 2,300 vertical feet.  I was tired but happy!

myloveDan got in a good run and some other working out, so he was extra happy too 🙂

cousinsWe then got to have these silly girls over for a while.  Oh man I love them.

slidingLast week we did lots of playing on the slide and playing outside after Grandma Jane left.

runningali2Ran with Ali on Friday morning.  I haven’t been running as much since the 5K, as my main focus is biking this summer, but I love getting out there before 7am and getting in a good 3 miler with her.  Please hope I can continue to run so I don’t lose that training I worked hard for!

rubysnugglesSam held his “baby doll who is cute like Naomi,”  Hi Ruby!

waterfallcollageSunday afternoon was spent at one of our favorite waterfalls close by.  It was so pretty there today.  Crowded, but really pretty.  We then headed up to Lisa’s falls up Little Cottonwood… also really, really pretty.  We ended out outdoor adventure at Granite park, flying his kite.

kitenaomibetterThank you Ali and Mom (and Jenn today) for visiting Naomi.  She needs lots of visits from her family!

And this morning I saw 159.8lbs on the scale and I’m happy with that…I number I haven’t seen!  Last week I saw 160.2 and considering how much yummy food I ate when Dan’s Mom was here and I actually ate quite a bit on Saturday after my long ride, I can’t say I’m surprised it didn’t move more.  Oh, and we stopped by Trader Joe’s when she was here, so we had some really good snacks still in the house 🙂   I’m still moving forward in the right direction and I’m motivated to get to my goal!  I’m feeling really good and that’s what’s important.

And these are some yummy things we ate in the past week.

foodcollageA stone ground mustard, garlic and paprika marinaded chicken with roasted brussels sprouts.  A simple egg scramble with some potatoes, bacon, cheese and cilantro.  And last nights dinner was beef meatballs, steamed broccoli with homemade Tzatziki sauce. We used mint and rosemary from our own pots for this. SO good!

Happy Monday!  Enjoy your holiday!


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