A short but sweet visit

We had so much fun with Grandma Jane…Sam especially 🙂

samgmaskills gmasampark gmasamhorseThey played a lot together in the short day and a half she was here.

We ate REALLY yummy food at the Tin Angel

tinangelsalad tinangelfoodSo.good.

sushirolls sushiapps sushisaladAnd yummy Sushi.  Dan and Jane always eat the sushi, I get the chicken salad and some tempura veggies.  Delicious!

famsushigmagirlsWe visited these silly girls, Ali and Mark.  I love that they love her like we do.

skillsaliJane requested Sam show her his riding at the skills park.  Ali brought the girls for their first time, too.

 carUnfortunately, my car was busted into while I was out for a quick ride on the Quarry during Sam’s nap.  Rode up and my window was smashed to pieces and yes, my wallet was gone.  It’s my fault I know, but still.  People are JERKS!

gmasambrunchBefore we took Jane to the airport, we had brunch at one of our fav places, Millcreek Cafe.  We went there for a big lunch after Naomi’s funeral last year and it’s where we’ve been going each of her visits since then.  We eat, go visit Naomi and send her off.

samgmanaomiShe and Sam picked out a beautiful dragonfly for sister.  A perfect end to her short visit.  We can’t wait for our big trip to CA to visit and see Kelly and Andy get married!  Til next time…WE LOVE YOU!


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