Good Monday Morning

Happy Monday people!

Today I’m down 1lb from last week. W00t!  40lbs lost in just over 7 months.  I’m super happy about that.  I’ve envisioned being at my goal weight of 150lbs by aunt Kelly’s wedding near the end of August and I’m positive I can lose 10lbs in the next three months, possibly even a little more.  We’ll see.  For now, I’m focused on one week at a time and getting these next 10 pounds off.

This weekend Ali and I went to our annual Fetzer cabin clean up.  It was snowing when we got there and rained pretty much the whole time.  We cleaned inside, heard good stories from our aunts and uncles, played around the fire (thanks to my uncle Paul) and ate {too much} yummy food before we left.  I’ve been to several clean ups in the past and this one was by far the most fun 🙂

cabin4 cabin2

cabin3 cabin1Gordon Springer, Joan Hunt , Ali Thackeray, Paul Fetzer, Janna Springer, me.

gpafetzerSo thankful and grateful that my Grandpa Fetzer (husband of Grandma Naomi) built this cabin so many years ago.  I have some of THE best memories from all of our time spent there and can’t wait for Sam to keep enjoying it as much as my family and I have for so many years.

quarryGot in a quick ride later that evening…still with a stomach full of cabin food.  Despite that, I rode this trail faster than ever before.  I was pretty excited!

bellscollage2Sunday, between Dan’s two bike rides we had a super fun hike up Bells Canyon.  Sam did SO awesome.  He’s hiked that trail like it was no big deal, jumping over all the rocks just like Dan and hiking super fast.  We hiked up to the reservoir, all around and back down and he was a trooper!

bellswaterSo. pretty.

baconboysMy people.  Two peas in a pod, sharing their Sunday morning bacon.

redanbdayFriday night we had a BBQ to celebrate Re and Dan’s birthday’s.  We’ve been doing this for several years now and it’s always so fun.  A small gathering with good food and really great friends.  Sam stayed up til almost 10pm…a first for him, and he was hyper and wired as can be!

samwatersPlayed outside a lot last week.  He especially likes to help me water the hanging plant, and rocks, and sidewalk….

friendsMet some friends at Sugarhouse park.  They had tons of fun playing by the water, throwing rocks.

waterfallSunglasses.  Always.

superheroI’ll leave you with this gem.  He was in the zone watching a show, in his super hero costume and had no idea I was even in the room.

Sadly no food pictures from last week.  I need to be better about picturing our food and posting what we’re eating, but nothing super excited happened on our plates last week 🙂

Grandma Jane comes in today for a short stay.  We cannot wait!


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