Good Monday Morning {Happy Mother’s Day}

After a full week to recover and rest I feel MUCH better.  I ran a bit, walked a lot,  biked a bunch and didn’t push it really hard except for Saturday’s ride.  What weight I did lift, was very light and sparingly.  Time to get back at it this week, I’m excited!  Last week I was 161.8lbs, this morning I’m 161lbs.  I’ve been hovering at 161 for a bit, so I’m going to track my food and make sure I’m conscious of not over eating…or eating too much dark chocolate :).  I also need to make sure I eat enough to fuel my workouts, so logging what I eat is a good way to do that.

Beautiful weather to celebrate a wonderful weekend!

momcollage2I made my Mom a card with these pictures.  I love, love this first picture of her from the day she brought me home from the hospital.  Next is the day Sam came home and last is my short time with Naomi for a couple hours that morning in the hospital.  My Mom is amazing, seriously.  She has been through harder times than I could ever imagine, raising five of us-mostly as a single parent and working full time.  I honestly don’t know how she did it, but she did because she is one of the strongest women I know, that can endure all things.  I love you Mom!

lizjennrideI let Dan know that all I really wanted for Mom’s day was to have lots of family time,  ride my bike a bunch, see Naomi and maybe get some pretty flowers or a plant.  Started out the weekend riding with Jenn on Friday night.  She too, is amazing.  It was her first ride in four years and she did great!  We celebrated Naomi’s 10 months and Jenn’s FIVE years being cancer free!  It was a great ride with sun, wind, thunder and some rain!  I was so happy she had a good time.

jacobsI did a fairly long ride on Saturday morning.  Climbing about 3,000 vertical feet and I’m not even sure how many miles.  It was my longest ride yet and I felt great.  Tired towards the end, but good.  That kicked off my long ride Saturday’s (AKA Sufferfest Saturday’s) til late August or so.  Doing these long rides allows for lots of time to think, enjoy being outside and to push my body hard.

flowersCame home to Sam giving me my “surprise!”  A pretty hanging plant that he was SO proud to give to me.  I so love it!

momsamcouchSunday was spent hanging out with my boys.

cakeSam and I made a cake to celebrate Mom’s day and Dan’s birthday coming up on Tuesday.

cleanbikesOh, and I also suggested to Dan that a deep bike cleaning would also be nice and appreciated.  Sam was such a good helper!

familySpent the afternoon and evening in Kamas with my Mom and John and rest of my family.  It was pretty perfect.

bdaycakeOh, and dessert!  Gluten free chocolate cake w/ dark chocolate chips, strawberries and fresh whipped cream.  Delicious!

fresheggsAnd last week Jenn’s sister in law had so many freshly laid eggs, she had to get rid of them.  Ummmm…yes, please!  Really hoping we can get more of these from her sometime soon.  SO GOOD.

janesamAnd last week we brought Jane to our house for naps and playing.  These two…they crack me up, running through the sprinklers together and getting so messy.

peasbaconAnd another random food picture.  Dinner one night last week was burgers with peas, bacon and sauteed red onions topped with parm.  Yum.

Happy Monday!


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