10 months gone by

Right on cue, I’ve been more sad and emotional this week than most times.  Happens every month leading up to the 10th.  I had a good, good cry with Sam today in the basement while looking at her memory book.  My tears just came and came (and came some more later).  He hugged and comforted me for the first time since her passing.  It’s like he’s so in tune with seeing my emotions, he just had to help me in some way…  “It’s OK mommy, it’s OK.”  “You will be alright Mom, it’s OK.  I miss my sister Naomi.  She is my sister.”

My three year old calming me and saying those words was probably one of the best things ever thus far in our life together.

Naomi Jane_176  Today this photo speaks to me.  Like, times a million.  This is my brother in law Mark Thackeray.  He took all of the photos at Naomi’s service. (someone snapped this one with his camera as we were talking that day)   I could never ever thank him enough, as I know how hard it was for him to capture these moments AND try to keep it together.  Mark, you make remembering her so beautiful, warm and real.  THANK YOU!

If you haven’t yet read her birth and passing story, you may do so HERE

Love you little girl.  Love you.

Naomi Jane_112


One thought on “10 months gone by

  1. Thanks Liz. It was my pleasure, even though it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I definitely broke down more than twice. But certainly one of those things that I am grateful to have done. You guys are so amazing and are such incredible examples to all of us! I know that Naomi is watching from above and reaching out to each of you.

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