I’m tired {time to recover a bit}

I put this on Instagram last night…


It said, “I.am.tired. I’ve officially hit a wall and need to step back and take a week to recover.  I’ve been going non stop on this weight loss journey for seven months and have been working out like crazy….without really realizing it.  I’ve been on the couch since 4:30pm 🙂  I’ll be biking for fun  and not lifting heavy all week.  So needed”

I’m underfed and over trained at this point, so I need to go fairly light this week, eat a little more carbs and in general, just not “go for it” so hard like I usually do.  I’ve  been in such a good routine and exercise makes me feel great and really makes me have so much energy.  It’s finally caught up to me though.  We all need rest, especially when we are going fairly hard for long periods of time.   Next week I’ll be back at it.  As for this week, it’s time to let my body recover and repair.

That being said, today I ran a super easy and pretty slow one mile and walked for a while at the gym.  I then rode bikes with one of my dear friends from high school, Brooke.  We’ve been trying to ride forever and it just so happened we could both go tonight!  I wasn’t pushing it like crazy uphill, just enjoyed being out and showing her new trails and how pretty it is…something I’m so passionate about!  And even though it rained on us the whole way down, it was awesome!

brooke riding


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