Good Monday Morning

Today I’m the same weight as last week, which is great considering how hungry and how much I ate last week.  Seriously, everyday I could eat everything in sight and more.  I didn’t eat crappy foods, I just ate a lot.  My exercise was normal, but I was just hungry… so I ate.

This is my big victory for last week, so I’m VERY proud of myself…

I accomplished another goal by completing my first 5k!  I wanted to try and finish under 3o mins and I did…29:33 to be exact!  I’ve never, ever run a 9:30min/mile so I was really happy.  Thanks to Julia for pushing me!  What a good friend she is…to act excited about running 3.1 miles  even though I know that’s so easy for her 😉 IMG_3662Fans!

IMG_3664I was smiling big while sprinting into the finish!

IMG_3667 biggestfans

My BIGGEST fansIMG_3670

Dan’s cousin Kaylin and her boyfriend were in town and came to see the finish.  So happy to see them since we don’t get to often.aliinspire

I put this picture on Facebook yesterday saying to Ali, “I remember when you finished your marathon last year…I thought, if she can run 26 miles, I can certainly run three, right?! I may inspire you to eat better/healthier sometimes, but YOU are the main reason I even wanted to try to run and even enter a silly race! Love you sister.”  I did start running just to run and see if I liked it, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish this race.  A 5k is so small to many people I know, but a big deal to me.


Right after the race, we headed to the trails for some biking. I LOVE riding bikes with my brother Matt and since we don’t get to go often enough, I had to go with him since he had time.  My legs were tired and my bike gears were being silly, so I had to push an extra hard gear the whole time.  Not an awesome combo, but I did it and had fun!  Can’t wait to bike with my sister Jenn next week to kick off Mother’s Day weekend.pond

After I rode, I found Dan and Sam down by the pond at the skills park.  One of his favorite spots to ride to.  Dan left for a quick ride while we hung out and threw more rocks and dirt and watched people go by.  He was exhausted and dirty from such a long morning of being out…me too!

This is about as far as we go for Cinco de Mayo…

may5thFajitas.  I cut three chicken breasts in strips and rubbed them with salt, pepper and homemade chili powder.   Sauteed onions and peppers.  Grilled the chicken and Dan’s tortillas.  Topped with cilantro and feta.  Yummy!

jimhouseDan took Sam out to his bosses house.  They have several horses and a new baby, plus lots of fun tractors and digger things for Sam to be in heaven with.

izacTopped the night off with cousin Izac’s little birthday celebration.  Nine years old already!

The weather this week was pretty great, despite the the bit of snow we got on Monday.

 sillypicnic  happypicnic Had to picnic since it was so nice

gnoI had a wonderful girls night out dinner with dear friends.  Jessica, Julia and Sedra.  Our kids are all around the same age and we try to play once a week or so.  We always have lots to talk about and laugh a lot, too!  This time, dinner at Trio Cafe.  YUM.

cutecousinsDan and I watched all three girls on Thursday night.  It was quite the handful but so very fun!  I took Siri and Ruby to her soccer practice while Dan stayed and played with Sam and Janie.  We all came back for dinner and a movie.

sleepingrubyI got to snuggle this little Roo for a bit.  She was so sleepy the entire time Mark and Ali were gone.  I loved it.

coconutsauceOne more food related pic.  Dan made a super good coconut curry sauce to put over our burgers and slathered on purple cabbage.  So good.  He can’t remember exactly what’s in there, but I know there’s {full fat} coconut milk, curry powder, fish sauce and scallions.   Would be great on chicken and broccoli.

changeAnd this final picture so I can go back and see the progress I’ve made.  Top pic is the day before our wedding.  Bottom was about a week ago.   Moving forward and reaching my goals!


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