Good Monday Morning

{lots of pics and words in this post, fyi}

This morning I’m down a pound from last week.

I put this side by side picture on Instagram (lizdeanski) last week.  It wasn’t until then that I really, really can see a big difference…a transformation of sorts.  It’s hard sometimes because when I look in the mirror, I do see that I’m smaller but since I’m so used to seeing myself as big/huge/fat/whatever you want to call it, it’s hard to get past that, quite honestly.  Seems silly, I know.    I officially don’t have any summer shorts or capris that fit so I got to go out shopping this weekend.  This is a good but expensive(for us) problem to have.  And ugh, the mind games!  I need to just be able to look at myself and be confident and know that I can go out of my comfort zone and try new things in this new skin.  And even though I’m not at my goal yet, I am getting close and I will reach it.   I’m proud of myself, moving forward and feeling really good!

transformation      162.8lbs vs. 211lbssweatinI haven’t run much since before Moab and decided to get on the dreadmill and do two miles.  It’s not that I can’t run longer, I’m just so insanely bored on a treatdmill that I lose focus, even with good music in my ears.  This day however I did 2 miles no problem and felt great!  Julia and I ran again on Saturday morning, about 3.5 miles and it went great.  So very ready for my first 5K this Saturday!  At this point, I’m going to try and beat the time we did our run on Saturday (29 mins) just to see how it goes.  Julia, you have to pace me so we can beat our time 🙂

fastdinnerWe made quick and easy dinners last week.  This one we just cut some chicken breasts in pieces and marinaded them in our favorite store bought BBQ sauce over night.  Grill and serve with veggies of your choice!

Dan also homemade some coconut butter.  Oh my it’s good!  Recipe will be up Wednesday or Thursday.

janiesamWe got to spend some good time with Janie last week.  Holy cow, they were being so good and cute and played so well together this day.  Sam made sure to help read her a story before their naps.  It was pretty adorable.  I love that we could pass on that Alta shirt to her.

kissnaomiWednesday our cute friends Sedra and Julia and kids came to visit Naomi.  They were all so cute, playing around her little “park.”  Sam was so protective of her grave and made sure the kids didn’t step on her letters or touch her pretty things.  This is the first time he’s given her a kiss.  Oh man, that really got me crying.  He didn’t know I was listening to him and after he kissed her grave, he said was talking to her “I love you, you are just growing so big now.  You live here just by yourself.  I love you.”  So tender.

thursdaybikeI got lots of good biking in this week.  This weather has been awesome!

trenchWe helped Ali and Mark with some yard stuff on Saturday.  Sam was a good helper…until the neighbors Bobcat showed up to move gravel.  He was in heaven watching that!

sprinklersWe did some yard work and got the sprinklers going.  He insisted on putting his suit on and “running” through the sprinklers.  Not hot yet, but just warm enough.

phoSaturday night Pho noodle soup at it’s finest 🙂

newcouch Thanks to our awesome friend Kelley who needed to get rid of a storage unit, which stored this awesome couch.  It’s almost new and actually goes great in place of our gross and very old hand-me-down couch we got right before we got married, almost 8 years ago!

spentWe ended the weekend with some fun times on the Quarry trail.  This is our go-to trail for a quick ride and Sam did awesome!  It’s amazing how much faster and better he is this year.  He can last a bit longer and was hooting and hollering the whole way down after Dan and I switched it up for our rides.  We got back to the car and he was obviously tired, but kept saying “whew, I did a great job.  I was fast today and I did so many good riding!”

Happy Monday people!


3 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning

  1. You are looking Fabulous!!! keep up the good work!
    Sam is too sweet… his words to Naomi made me cry.

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