Good Monday Morning {Moab}

We’re back from another awesome trip riding bikes and camping in Moab!  I was more than spent last night after doing an awesome ride, driving 4 hours to my Mom’s for dinner and to get Sam, then drive home from her house….then put Sam to bed and get our stuff unloaded.  I slept like a rock!

Before all the pics, I’m down a half pound this morning.  I wasn’t really expecting much since anytime I’m away from home and my regular routine it can be hard.  This time though, I was riding and hiking and eating a lot to refuel my body.  Also, it’s very easy to eat yummy food and some treats around the campfire all night long with good friends and fun times.  I loved every minute of it!  I felt really, really good on my bike and rode as if I’d been riding all summer.  I felt strong, confident and not carrying around so much extra weight was obvious to everyone, how much better I was feeling and riding…that is what matters!

Some of the best times we had before Sam was born were in Moab and our bike trips.  My Mom and John were super nice and offered to take Sam for the weekend.  It was SO nice to take a quick getaway just the two of us.  We camped and rode with a few other good friends.  It was the perfect riding group.  Not too big and we all rode pretty similar.  Got there Friday evening, ate dinner and hungout around the fire.


Waffle sandwiches…this time, tunaIMG_3615

Awesome camp spot!  We did find another one on our ride yesterday though that we’re eyeing for next time 🙂IMG_3622IMG_3624

Saturday we woke to rain…what?!  The forecast was NOT for rain, but oh well.  We made the most of it by getting out of camp to see a friend in town, then off for a short hike to Corona and Bow Tie arch.  It was actually SO nice and the weather started to clear on our hike back to the car.  IMG_3629

So pretty.IMG_3634 IMG_3636 danarchOn our way up.  So cool.

amasa The skies cleared and it was riding time!  We’ve ridden this trail before called Amasa Back, which is really fun. IMG_3640

The views are just awesome


They built a new trail that forks off of the Amasa trail.  IMG_3646Captain Ahab trail did not disappoint!  So, so, so fun!  I got a second wind and started riding better than I think I ever have on the last half of this trail.  I was seriously smiling the entire way down!  Dan killed it…of course.  He made everything look so easy.

IMG_3644 lizfireAnother good dinner and hanging out around the fire.

campfireThis night some of Jamon’s friends joined us.  Good times and LOTS of laughing.


Yesterday we packed up the truck and set out to do a ride before we had to head home about Noon.  We rode (and camped) in the Sovereign area.  I’d never ridden out there and it was awesome!  I was sweating buckets and it was pretty techy, but oh so fun!soveriegn IMG_3650We ended up getting lost, but managed to get back to the car at 12:15…even with the crappy ATV road detour Dan and I had to take to get back in a timely manner.  Jamon, Rob and Kelley kept riding as we said goodbye.

I love riding and camping in new places.  I missed Sam SO much.  Like, so much.  I looked at pictures of him around the fire and showed our friends.  I cannot wait to bring him down for some camping in southern Utah.  The last time he went was in 2011 and he’s much bigger now and I just know he’ll be in heaven…especially hiking to those arches!   That being said, there’s nothing like just being with Dan and doing our thing, riding as much as we can and just being together.  The best.

Can’t wait for our next trip down there sometime.

Happy Monday!



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