Thankful Thursday

A totally random post today…

crescentSo thankful for this boy.  Today he bit into a smarty and yelled to me,  “look mom, look…I made a crescent shape!”  I was laughing but then realized how awesome it was that he knows that.  I will be the first to remind anyone to be thankful for your children despite the trials, frustrations and hardships we have with them sometimes. (or daily) 🙂

Thankful for our house.

Thankful for our warm jackets.  This weather?  I could do without freezing cold and the north wind/breeze the last three days

Thankful it will warm up next week 😉

Thankful for my family and friends

peasinpodFor these two peas in a pod…together they do awesome things!

Thankful for Dan’s job.

happiness.jpgAnd this quote.  Not so much that I’m thankful for it, but it really explains the way I’ve looked at the kind of people I want in {and out} of my life since Naomi.

Happy almost weekend people!


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