Good Monday Morning

Happy {snowy} Monday people!  Yeah, snow…bummer, but we need the moisture.

Today I’m down almost 3lbs from last week, wOOt! (162.8)  I was NOT expecting that since I’ve done well the past couple weeks in a row, so I’m happy!  I was still very mindful about what and how much I’ve been eating, but haven’t been tracking my food or obsessing about it.  My workouts last week looked like this:

Monday-spin, lift heavy-squat and press.  Tuesday-run 1.5 miles, 1 hour weight class.  Wednesday-active rest  Thursday-1 hour weight class, 15 mins stair climber, 2 mile run.  Friday-spin.  Saturday-3.5mile run  Sunday-mt. bike ride, about 1 hour.  Normally I rest on Sunday, but we knew weather was coming in and I really wanted to make sure my bike is in order for our upcoming trip down south.


Progress pic, mostly just for me so I can look back.  I should probably take a good full length one in the next month or so to really see the difference.

I’m ready for my 5K in three weeks! I ran with Julia on Saturday and holy cow it’s so nice to run with someone else.  I’ve been running alone the past two months and it made the run go by SO quick.   A good friend and good conversation are awesome!

dinnerWe made super easy, peasy meals this week.  Mostly just some sort of lean protein and veggies of some sorts.  That sauce was super yummy!  We even put it on hard boiled eggs for a snack.  Plain yogurt, lime juice, fish sauce, Sriracha and dijon mustard.  Fast and tasty!  Dan also makes a really awesome Tzatziki sauce we like to have with burgers and veggies. Delicious!

boiledeggsSnack.  Salt, pepper, paprika.

wafflesAnd these gems were the “bread” for our BLT’s on Saturday night at Ali’s house.  One of Dan’s best ideas yet 🙂  Sprouted Buckwheat waffles.  This time savory with cumin, salt, bit of sugar and roasted garlic.  *Gluten free, sprouted/fermented

wafflesandwichDelicious!  Dan-slices of leftover roast chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado and lettuce.  Liz-chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce and a bit of mayo.  Ali-goat cheese, bacon, tomato, avocado, lettuce.   So many different things you could do.  Next time, I’m looking forward to breakfast style “sandwiches!”  Oh, Ali also made our favorite flourless chocolate cake. YUM.

Sprouted Buckwheat Waffles, per Dan:

Soak several couple cups of buckwheat groats in lots of non-chlorinated water for 12 hours (if you’re on a city water system, either use bottled water or tap water that’s been boiled for a few minutes and cooled. If you’re lucky enough to have water that isn’t chlorinated to begin with disregard this step). Be sure to use a lot of water, they swell a lot during soaking.

Rinse the groats (they are really slimy after soaking) and keep them wrapped in a wet dish towel in a bowl or colander for 24 hours.

Completely puree the groats in a blender or food processor with a little of the dechlorinated water. You can finish the batter at this point, but we prefer to transfer the puree to a bowl and let it ferment 12-24 hours, stirring a couple times (a lot of gas gets produced during the fermenting, if you don’t ferment it you will need to add more baking soda than I call for below).

For breakfast waffles I then add 1/2 tsp baking soda, a couple eggs, vanilla extract, salt, sugar and cinnamon to taste, and enough liquid to bring it to waffle batter consistency. The liquid can be water, milk, coconut milk (my preference), almond milk, whatever you like.

You need to use a classic waffle maker for these (this is the model we have…classic+waffle WFS). A belgian waffle maker has too much volume and doesn’t work.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s mostly inactive time and there is less to do on the actual day you make waffles. For waffles on a saturday morning I will boil several quarts of water right before bed on Wednesday night, start soaking them thursday morning, drain and wrap them in a wet towel thursday night, and puree them friday night. On saturday all you have to do is mix in a couple items and the batter is ready before the waffle iron is heated up.

Did I mention that because of the sprouting/fermenting these are crazy nutritious?  Yeah, they are.

aliikeaEarlier in the week Ali and went alone to IKEA and dinner.  I’m glad she got a few hours break from the girls, it’s much needed sometimes, especially when she’s sleeping less right now.   Ali, we need to do this every couple weeks!

heroSuper hero Sam.  Love, love this.

kiteFirst time flying a kite.  He was amazed and thought it was so, super cool to go out with Dad.

paperairplaneOur Friday nights get crazy around here.  Flying the best made paper airplanes.  Dan seriously makes them fly SO well!

snugglesamSam doesn’t snuggle a lot.  Mostly just when he’s sick.  Yesterday after his nap, he snuggled with me for over 30 minutes.  That’s a record these days.  I soaked it up!

rubySaturday night we had dinner and a movie with Ali and girls and I stayed over since Mark was on a photo shoot.  Cute Ruby let Ali sleep for a bit longer last night, only waking up around 3am to eat, then again at 6:45am…a record so far.  Luckily, Siri and Jane slept great so I was able to get some sleep and then feed and snuggle this girl for a while before I left.  So glad I’m able to help and hangout there when needed.  She sure is cute, despite her silly newborn sleeping (or lack thereof sometimes):)

bikingGot in a quick ride as well.  Beautiful out.  I was ready for bed at 7:30 last night.  Can’t wait to leave this cold and ride bikes in the sun this weekend.

Happy Monday!


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