Good Monday Morning

Let’s get right to it…I’m down a little over 1lb from last week! (165.2)  I’ve been trying to think of when I last saw this low of a number on the scale and honestly?  I have no idea, can’t remember…maybe in junior high? I cannot remember a time.   I didn’t track my eating everyday, but was very mindful of what I was eating and how much.  My two problems have always been sweets and portion control, so I’m glad I’ve got a handle on those things.   I’m 15 pounds away from my goal weight I set six months ago.  I’ve failed at losing weight so much in the past that just now is it feeling very real and doable that I’ll be reaching that point here in the next several months!  I officially need to start re-vamping all of my clothes (bike, ski, swim, everyday).  My muscles are starting to show their presence, which is also a bonus.  Slow and steady I’m getting there and it feels pretty freaking awesome!

sundaydinnereggsSunday evenings feast…not really a feast, just something filling 🙂 Two eggs, some bacon, yellow peppers and strawberries.  So fast and simple, which is what I was going for.

eggsHard boiled eggs for high protein, healthy snacks this week.  We had some really good eats all week, but I forgot to take pics.  I’ll put more pics and recipes up next week.

betterSam finally started feeling better Wednesday night into Thursday.  He was up at 6am Thursday and easily could have gotten out of bed and played, but that’s too early for us 🙂  6:45 rolled around and I let him outta bed.  He seriously ran circles and was crazy from the moment he got up.  He needed to get some energy out!

pancakesHe started eating much more, thank goodness.   He begged for pancakes for lunch on Friday.  He ate a ton.  He got to go back to the gym and played with one of his favorite friends there named Jackson.  They have some serious fun together, I love it!

sirirubyI’m lucky in so many ways to live 2 mins from Ali and Mark.  She called on Thursday night and needed help re-wrapping Ruby’s tumor since Mark was gone.  I’m so glad that I can be there for her, even just for 20-30 minutes that she needs help and a little company.  I’m also really glad that I’m so used to seeing her tumor and helping Ali so I can stay calm and feel at ease with how careful you have to be.  I even got to feed little Roo bear for the first time…glad Ali trusts me enough to do that 🙂   Such cute sisters.

skidateJenn was super nice and watched Sam most the day on Saturday while Dan and I got a sweet ski date in at Deer Valley.  He gets free tickets there when he wants from working with folks there so it was the perfect day to take advantage.  Warm sun in and out and not crowded.  We haven’t skied, just the two of us like this in a long, long time.  It was super fun and a good reminder and memories of how we first met and got to know each other…on the chairlifts at Alta 10 years ago.

3.7milesI usually do a bit longer of a run on Saturday’s.  I’m registered to run the Fiesta 5k on May 4th and have slowly been working up to run three miles.  I know that’s not very far to so many people, but for me it’s something new and challenging.  I’m a biker and a skier, NOT a runner.  Dan and Sam decided to go to the dirt jumps and Dan suggested I run from the house up to there.  The furthest I’ve run yet is about 2-2.5 miles.   It was 3.7 miles to get there, gradually uphill the whole way and I made it…only stopping for one stoplight by Ali’s house (thanks also to Ali for the motivation)!  I’ve accomplished my goal of running a 5k, but I’m super excited to do the race now!  I have no idea how long it took me and I don’t really care.  I’m not going for time, just for fun and to keep getting used to the feeling of running.  I get to run the 5k with a good friend, who runs marathons…Julia, I hope you don’t mind going slow, ha!  At least I’ll finish.   I know that for sure:)

bonkSunday we were mellow all morning since my knee was bugging me  (from the skiing).  I did some yoga with Dan and felt much better after that.  We went to the skills park for some riding and poor Sam took his hardest fall yet.  I was behind him and I could just see it coming.  He seriously crashed so hard and right onto his face.  Ugh, I felt so bad!  But, such is life when you want to ride bikes….he begged and cried to go to the skills park and I’m glad he loves it so much.  This is just the beginning of many, many falls and bonks and who knows what else!  He was a trooper though and cried on my lap for a short bit then got back on his bike and was in a good mood on the way home.

bonksambandaidnoseAnd he insisted on putting a band aid on his nose.  He kept it on til he went to bed tonight.  Adorable.  It’s a rainy day today so we’ll be playing inside.

Happy Monday!

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