Good Monday Morning {Happy Easter}

It’s hard to remember an Easter this beautiful in the past several years.  A perfect day.


Golf clubs, new hat for sunny days, chalk and some treats.  He could care less about the treats…Easterslide

Park time before napeaster1

Dad got sillyeastergmasamdinnerWe had a very relaxing and quiet dinner with my Mom and John in Kamas.  Just us five.  Sam got lots of attention, which is good since he hasn’t been feeling his best the past several days.

EasterdinnerA little potato, asparagus and ham…that ham was delicious!  Some strawberries and cream and a few other treats from their easter basket to finish up our fun afternoon and evening!

EasternaomiVisited little sister before heading up to dinner.  Oh how I love her!

EastergmasamDid some skiing last week with Grandma Carol.  He came down with a cold that day, so it wasn’t his best time out there.

easterswingHad a super fun Easter egg hunt with his little friends.  We love this tradition!  Day two of being sick, but pretty happy.


eastermeandrubyLittle Ruby got to come home on Thursday!  It just so happened that Mark had to go on a photo shoot Thurs-Sunday so Ali needed extra help.  I cleaned for her and helped with Ruby Friday night.  My mom was able to sleepover and then take Siri and Jane all of Friday and Saturday morning, so that was really helpful for Ali.  I slept over last night to help with the girls.  Newborns can be hard and very unpredictable…add in her tumor and having to extra care for her makes Ali tired.  She is AMAZING.  She wouldn’t have it any other way though.  She has her whole family at home now!

EastermegirlsHanging out with them while Ali and Ruby sleep a little longer.  These girls are awesome.

easterbikemomWe were able to get out on our bikes on Saturday.  Dan went with Sam in the morning.  We pushed him too much, but he wanted to go.  He was asking for a nap at Noon (he usually goes down about 1pm).  He was tired.  He took a good nap and was refreshed…but only for a bit.

eastersickHe was tired and ready for bed before 7pm.   He was having so much fun at the skills park and I kept asking him to take a break since I knew he hadn’t eaten much all day and was just going slower than normal.  Poor little guy and his cold.  He’s had the runs yesterday and seems off today, so we’ll see what happens…

And this Monday morning I’m down 4lbs. wOOt!! (166.5 ) I tracked my calorie intake Mon-Fri and even that was stressing me out ;). I used FitDay to keep track.   I also worked out quite a bit, as I was feeling really good and had tons of energy…might as well get it out exercising and playing all day with Sam!

EastermesamI DO NOT wear stripes, as I’ve always thought that I look huge in them.  I went out of my comfort zone and wore this shirt yesterday.  The color is happy and I didn’t feel self conscious like I usually do.  What a good feeling, it’s freeing.  I have no idea what next week will bring, but I do know that I’m feeling healthier and happier these days and I like it.  Still have more to lose, but days like this boost my attitude and really up my motivation!

easter3foodOh, and one more food photo.  We did Turkey Curry Meatballs one night.  Yum!

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