Good Monday Morning

I’m hoping for less snow this week.  I’m aching for warmer spring weather and lots of playing outside!

I had a small surgical procedure done on Tuesday (I’m fine) , so I laid low for most of the week.  Sam was a trooper with me, playing lots of learning games on the tablet, watching shows and letting me be on the sidelines while he played.  I was able to get back to spin class on Friday, thank goodness!

20130318_155036eggdyingEvery holiday that goes by is more fun with him.  He was VERY into coloring the eggs for our family egg hunt on Saturday.  He loved it…and so proud.

jumpingHis new trick.  Jumping off the deck railing.  I have to admit it scared me….then I got over it 🙂

sprintsI was feeling good enough to run a bit and do some sprints on Saturday morning.  Fast, short sprints.  I did seven in a row, 20 seconds each and rest inbetween.  Hurts so good.

IMG_3602Family Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  So fun! Since it  snowed the night before, we hid some eggs in the carport and down in the basement…it worked out perfectly.  Love these guys.

slidesSam and I hung out all morning while Dan went skiing.  So glad!  He came home just as Sam was waking up from his nap and we went for a long walk and park time.  He and Dan rode bikes and played more outside.  It’s chilly, but the sunshine makes it beautiful!

And this Monday morning I’m up a pound.  I’m not surprised though.  Between some stress having said surgical procedure, not working out like normal and eating too much it’s not shocking.  You see this table of yummy goodness (and my handsome nephew Izac)? 🙂

IMG_3601Yeah, I ate WAY too much.  I can preach all day about how I’ve changed my habits, but I fell off the wagon here.  It happens.  Ugh.

eatcrapI wish this was hanging in my kitchen, as a huge poster to remind me how I’d feel after.  And yep, I felt like CRAP…and lots of it.  I seem to be hovering around 169-171lbs, even with the crappy  past week I had.   I’m not one to track/count my calories, but I’m going to until I can break through this plateau or my eating issues or whatever is happening.  My workouts are good, especially since I’ve added in running, but my eating needs to be a bit better.  I was down on myself all weekend, so it’s time to smile, move on and keep chipping away to get to my goal.  Losing weight is freaking hard, but I’m learning a lot about myself and my habits (both good and bad).

Happy Monday peeps!


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