Good Monday Morning

Yesterday I got to snuggle with little Ruby bear.  I’ve been able to go with Ali the past two Sunday’s and have some good quiet time with both of them.  I just love it.  While we were there, a few specialists happened to drop by to check out Ruby.   It was pretty amazing to see these doctors look at her tumor and talk about it.  I’m sitting there on the sidelines trying to understand what they are saying.  I had another realization of what a miracle this little girl is.  They’ve never seen this type of mass/tumor before.  They want to help her.  They want know the next steps to take…they are waiting on results and info, just like Ali and Mark are.    I got to see her without the gauze wrapped around her head for a brief moment.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s not for the faint of heart but it’s part of her, for now and we love her no matter what.  She is adorable and hopefully…just hopefully if they decide to wait and do surgery in the next 6 months or so, she can go home soon.  She will thrive, she will be more alert, she’ll hear all their voices, eat better and Ali will feel so much more comfortable.  Go Ruby Go!


We spent a lot of time outside last week. SOOOO nice!  We were fooled though.  It’s back to cooler temps.

rockthrowingsambehrThis is our neighbor Behr.  He’s about 7 months older than Sam.  They have become quite the best friends lately.  Anytime they see one or the other outside, they must run out and yell each others name.  Normally they ride around our little half circle over and over on their bikes, but one day last week Behr had this awesome soccer goal set up.  Heaven!

stpattysSam had a super fun time at his friend James little  St. Patty’s day party.  Thanks Jessica!

happydayWe had lots of awesome people to celebrate at family dinner yesterday.  Happy Birthday Ruby, Matt, Dave and Ali!

And today I’m down 1lb from last week.  I SO wanted a big piece of that chocolate cake, but decided a few bits from Sam’s plate was best.  Good decisions pay off.

20130316_123609I’ve haven’t worn a size 10 in pants in I don’t even know how long.  I really don’t even remember, at all.  I was forced to go shopping for a few things since a lot of stuff is too big and makes me look frumpy and still big.  It’s an awesome, but pricey problem to have 🙂

20130314_141010I made this super yummy sausage and grilled zucchini lasagna last week.  It was delicious!  Next time I’ll make it in a bigger pan, add more zucchini and not forget the basil.  Still way good though.  Recipe FOUND HERE.

And some video of Sam biking this week. I love how he makes his truck and car noises on the way down.  He LOVES the Cycle Park.

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