Saturday morning Scene

This morning I ran two miles.  Luckily, it’s almost exactly two miles from my house to Ali’s, so I ran that way.  She, Mark and the girls met me right down from their house and we headed to the park for a bit to walk with Ali.  Holy cow she is walking and in general getting around SO much better.  I’m not fooled though and know she MUST take it easy for the next 6 weeks at least.   I felt really good the whole run and averaged about a 10 min mile….for me, that’s really good-especially running out on the road.  I’m actually looking forward to my next run (never thought I’d say that)

Dan and Sam picked me up at the park and Sam wanted to go ride at the skills park.  All week I’ve been wanting to check out the trails in Draper and to get my first trail ride of the season in.  It was pretty short, but so fun!  Dan and Sam shredded the skills park, pump track and green trail while I rode 🙂


cakeAli was way too nice and made us our favorite flourless chocolate cake.  Must.walk.away.  I need to go freeze the rest so we don’t eat it all today!

Dan and Sam have a fun St. Pattty’s Day party to go to this afternoon while I get to go to a bridal shower for my cute cousin, Kirsten.  I always love seeing my Fetzer aunts and cousins!  Nothing else super exciting going on.  Lots of playing outside while the weather is nice.  Oh and little Ruby is doing well.  Ali and Mark are still awaiting news on a surgery date and/or the next steps to proceed with handling her tumor.  Go check out their blog, Thack Smack for all updates and to follow Ruby’s story.  SHE is a miracle…and two weeks old today!


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