Replacing junk…with junk

Silly disclaimer…I’m no expert, I just know what works for me and my little family.  I’m also on a weight loss journey so this is what works best for me . I’ll continue this lifestyle beyond any weight loss goals I have.  I believe most things in moderation.  I try not to be “preachy” about my eating and working out habits, but I do like to inform my readers about questions I get a lot and in general, how to make a person feel good!  I want my actions to speak for themselves (Thank you, Dan) 🙂

At the end of one of my spin classes a couple weeks ago I overheard someone say “man, I should stop eating gluten.”  And I agreed since my spin instructor had just mentioned how I eat and the success I’ve already had.  A lot of people would say the way we eat is “clean” or “clean eating.”  To me, that’s silly because ever since changing to this lifestyle, it’s just normal, it’s not a fad.  Everyone should put clean and real food into their bodies.  There’s a popular thing going on around the blogging world I’ve noticed (and even on Instagram) of people on a 10 or 20 day “cleanse” or “clean eating” thing.  Eating the primal way has cleaned out my body, naturally.  No silly fiber drinks or pills or whatever they want you to eat or drink.

I get asked quite a bit “so, what do you do if you don’t eat gluten?”  “What do you do for baking?” “How can you  NOT eat bread or pasta?”  “What do you replace those with?”   Those are all valid questions and things I asked myself before I started this.  Could I could really NOT eat those things on a daily basis?  My answer to this, since I’m still trying to lose more weight is simply….I don’t.  I don’t replace junk with junk.  Since cakes, cookies and sweets are a big weakness of mine, I don’t try to replicate them using non-gluten flours or those kinds of  items.  I don’t buy packaged cookies, cakes, candies, chips or items that say, “gluten free.”  It doesn’t make sense for me to eat gluten free cake instead of real cake, as the carbs, calories and all that will be the same…that’s how I got where I was in the first place!  Since I’m not technically allergic to gluten and it doesn’t make me deathly ill, if I want to have any of that stuff, I’ll have it once a month or on a super special occasion, in small portions.   I’d rather eat the real thing, once in a while.  I fuel myself with tons of veggies (those are my carbs) nuts, seeds, lean protein, eggs, some fruit,  some full fat dairy, maybe some rice crackers or rice cakes, almond butter and other various yummy foods.  I am ALWAYS full.

gross gluten free cupcake infoThis is nutrition info for a gluten free cupcake with frosting.  Carbs, calories and sugar… pretty much the same as a regular cupcake.

I don’t bake at this point, I cook.  Instead of spending time baking sweets or breads, I’m trying to focus on learning to be a better cook because of Dan’s issues with gluten and my belief that wheat really does a number on your insides {and outsides}.  Maybe when I’m at the point of where I want to be weight and health wise, I will look into more baking gluten free items for holidays and birthdays, but for someone who still has 20+ pounds to lose, it’s not something I should be doing…too much temptation for me (even if I were to give most of it away!).

So, the point is that by cutting out gluten, sugar and processed foods (weight loss benefits and making your insides feel so much better aside) you really should not be replacing the junk you eat now with the same junk-calorie, carb and sugar wise…just labeled “gluten free.”  Gluten free is very much a fad and it’s popular right now, but most people don’t realize that they are eating crap in place of crap.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not opposed to a yummy, real treat or splurge every now and again, but on a daily and weekly basis, I don’t eat that stuff.  And when I’ve hit my goal, I’ll continue to eat this way (primal, paleo, clean, real..whatever you want to call it), as the benefits (sleeping better, skin has settled down, TONS of energy)  far outweigh going back to what I was eating before this change.

If you’re curious at all about the lifestyle we eat and live, Marks Daily Apple is a great starting place, resource or place to just simple start researching this stuff.  Or, just email me or send me a message and I’d love to answer any questions you have.   I have been where lots of people I know are…asking yourself why in the world would I give up breads, pasta, baked goods…etc?!  That’s crazy! There is NO way I could do it!!?   I know, I get it and I didn’t realize the benefits of cutting it out on a daily and weekly basis until I did it for myself.  Just try it, for 30 days and see how you feel.  It can’t hurt and I promise it will only help you realize how crappy your gut felt before,  without noticing how bad it really was 🙂  If I ever eat too much “crap” now, my insides let me know it and it’s not a pretty sight…

feel like crap

I hope that one day my family and friends can see and feel the benefits for themselves.

It’s beautiful and warmer out today.  Go play!





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