Good Monday Morning

Our Sunday feast last night (after our normal fasting from Saturday night to Sunday dinner…)

stroganoffBeef and mushroom stroganoff.  DELICIOUS!  Alton Brown’s recipe.  Make it.  Try it.  You’ll love it.  We didn’t thicken with flour obviously, just some cornstarch and sour cream.  White rice on the bottom to soak up the sauciness 🙂

dansamnaomi2 naomi8months

Visited Naomi yesterday.  8 months have gone by.  I know I say this every month, but time flies and it seems like so long ago yet I remember her birth and passing so vividly and so clear.  Time DOES heal and it’s healing my heart and mind…slowly but surely.parkpond


Finally showed Dan one of our favorite “secret” parks.  So fun!  The weather is going to be super nice and warmer this week, so we’ll be outside a lot!holdingruby2

Today I got to hold sweet Ruby for the first time since she was born a little over a week ago.  As of now, she is doing great despite the mass.  Mark and Ali should have some more answers this week as to what the next steps are and some time frame for her surgery(s).20130309_114014

  I ran about 2.5 miles on Saturday, from the house into Dimple Dell and on the trails a bit.  Dan and Sam met me down by the creek and we walked for a bit til I was too cold 🙂20130309_112632

1362708553278And this yumminess is a crustless quiche Dan made on Thursday.  It’s from our Primal cookbook…we did 6 eggs, some half and half, broccoli, goat cheese, sausage, sauteed onions and aged sharp cheddar for browning on top.  Really good.

And although I didn’t lose any weight this week, I feel really good.  My clothes fit great and most of them are loose, so I can’t complain.  I feel like I may be plateauing.  I’ve been expecting that so I’m going to keep an extra eye on my food and just be very aware in general of how I feel and how much I’m eating.  Maybe switch up my working out a bit, too.  I’ve lost 30 lbs, so I’m very proud of myself thus far!

And a video for family…mostly our CA family 🙂  This was yesterday’s skiing adventure.  We finally got him to take two runs and he did great!


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