Good Monday Morning {we are SO thankful}

From my Instragram yesterday….


Ali and Mark welcomed baby #3,  Ruby to the world on Friday.  We are so, so, so thankful she arrived safely despite all the unknowns because of the mass on her neck.  Ali is amazing.  AMAZING.  She has showed incredible strength, despite the pain she’s in from the c-section.  Baby has been in the NICU and tomorrow, they’ll begin the process of figuring out what the mass is and exactly what they’ll do to proceed.  I’m so thankful that they have many friends and tons of family to help over the next several months because as Ali put it on her blog, “it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”  Oh, and did I mention how beautiful and healthy baby is, despite the mass?  She is gorgeous.  I’ll update more when Ali permits me to and if you want to see her blog (not sure how much she’ll update right now) just click on their name above.


I got to be with Siri and Jane all day Friday through Saturday morning.  We played and played and played some more.


We crafted a bit


Then took naps, had quiet time and then went to see their Mom and Dad.  We all crashed that night and slept great!  I’ll be with them again part of tomorrow before Mark gets home to be with them at night.  I’m sure they miss Mom and Dad SO much!


After I handed the girls off to my Mom, I headed to the gym to run for a bit, did some intervals then came home so Dan could go on his first “run.”  He only did one mile, but that’s a great starting place since he hasn’t run for so long.  I was so happy for him!


We met Jenn and Kate for some skiing in the afternoon.  Sam wasn’t super excited this time for some reason, but did ski all the way down himself again.  I also way proud of Kate, who was scared to go on the lift, but she did great and went twice!  It was a balmy 50 degrees and beautiful up there.

I visited Ali later Saturday night and got to see the babe for a bit.


Yesterday was low key and mellow.  I ran a few things to Ali at the hospital.  I had a tender visit with her as she lay in the dark, trying to get some rest.  I tickled her arm and just sat beside her.  After Sam napped, we went for a short walk in Dimple Dell so he could throw some rocks.  Best part of his day I think 🙂


Our Sunday feast.  As I’ve said before, it’s common for Dan and me to fast from Saturday night to Sunday dinner time.  Last night he made a spice rubbed pork tenderloin with an awesome mushroom sauce (I don’t eat mushrooms, but that was my plate, full of them on the meat!), sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon and roasted potatoes.  Prior to making all of this, he cooked a small lamb spare rib in the oven.  He then left some of that lamb fat to cook the potatoes in.  Holy cow so good!

And on that yummy food note, I’m down 1 lb from last week.  Dan and I had a little, tiny celebration this morning.  The last time I was in the 160’s was back in the year 2000 while we were on a family trip to Mexico.  Yeah, that lasted like a month.  Still moving in the right direction and feeling really good, inside and out.

This morning we get to play with Siri and Jane again before they go play with some other friends this afternoon.  We’ll be ready and “on call” for whenever Ali and Mark need us throughout the next coming weeks and months so they can be with Ruby.  Love that sweet babe so much already.


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