aquariumThe weather was crappy on Monday so we had some fun at the Aquarium.  He loves to stand there an wait for the penguins to swim by.  Perfect activity for snow days!

sleepingSO thankful he takes such good naps still.  Many times he’ll ask for one.   It’s common that we have to wake him after 1.5-2 hrs so that he’ll go to bed fine every night 🙂  I am thankful.

samgroomerWent skiing yesterday.  He did SO great!  Cant’ wait to have Dad join us from now on.  He has come a long way since the last time Dan was able to ski with us.


Life will be very busy come tomorrow.  Ali and Mark will welcome baby #3 (and all her issues) with so much love this weekend.  I’ll be with Siri and Jane all day tomorrow and more on Monday, so excited!  We wish them the best of luck and our happy and positive thoughts are with baby AND Ali as she undergoes the c-section.  Come on baby Thack!


2 thoughts on “Haps

  1. Hi liz,
    Time does heal our hearts, I hope your heart is doing ok. I think about you often as i go visit my izzyjane, i always stop and say hi to Naomi Jane! Hope Ali’s baby made it safe and sound! Thinking of you!

    • Thanks Molly!
      Ali has her c-section tomorrow and we’re hoping baby can stay strong and stay with us, I know she will! It’s a bump road ahead for them, but we’ll call come together as a family and support Ali and Mark.
      We say hi to IzzyJane everytime we go see Naomi as well 🙂

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