Good Monday Morning

Down 1/2 lb from last week (171.5 now).  Not super awesome, but still going in the right direction.  As of Saturday, I’ve added in some running to my workouts.  I’m sore….like, really sore.  I only wanted to go a short distance since I haven’t run forever so that 1.5 miles total was enough to make my body sore in all places possible 🙂  I’ve also set out to run {for many people} the proper way…no heel striking.  My ankle muscles are especially sore from not being used like that in my entire life!  I ran a 10 min. mile, which I’ve never, ever done and pretty much everytime I’ve run in the past, several hours later my knee hurts.  This time though?  No pain, no aching, nothing.  The combination of weighing less and the running style have everything to do with that.  (If you’re a runner and want to know more about minimalist shoes and this kind of running, start with reading Born to Run…it’s a great book!)
I got in lot of good workouts last week, plan on the same this week before Ali and Mark have baby girl #3!

  spinaliAli has been spinning about twice a week with me.  I have LOVED having her there and she is just amazing with that cute belly.   She is 36wks this week and will do her last spin class {I hope} on Wednesday before baby comes.   And no matter how “big she says she is,” I think she looks awesome!

momskiingFriday afternoon we got to ski with my Mom and John.  They were both so proud of Sam and I especially loved watching John watch Sam the whole way down.  John has a special and soft side to him that I’ve been able to see a lot more since Naomi was born.  This was one of those times.  He was just so nice, full of joy and played so much with Sam after we skied.

johnsameggsbaconMorning fuel before a workout.  YUM!

alisurpriseThursday all of us sisters, in laws and my Mom surprised Ali with a pedicure and dinner out for her {early} 30th birthday.  We wanted to do this before baby comes and it worked out perfectly!  She had NO idea and cried when we all showed up.  Thanks to Jenn for the great idea!

birddeckWe are lucky enough to have a long time good friend who has a place at the Lodge at Snowbird.  Every year he comes, we get together.  It’s getting really fun now that Sam is older to go swim and play in the hot tub.  He and Dan were in the pool for a good hour.  He was loving it!  It had just snowed a lot so the air was clear, cold and beautiful.  We had a yummy dinner and just hungout and visited with Tipp.

danhucksTipp was also so very nice and wanted to take Dan skiing.  Despite the hoards of crowds going up for the powder day, Dan made it up and they skied from about Noon to 4pm.  Tipp said all afternoon Dan was smiling so big and not surprisingly, he showed me this picture of Dan jumping on one of their runs.  He told me he *only* jumped it twice.  I am beyond excited that he can ski again and ski like this!  He said his foot felt totally fine the entire time.  Today he is sore, but his whole attitude and persona yesterday was just pure happiness.  This is the Dan I know!

Oh, and this is my last week of work and Sam’s time at Kinder Care.  Although I love, I’m just not super into what I’m doing.  When I work again, I want and need it to be something more fulfilling at this point in my life.  I love the convenience of working from home but I think it’s time to move on. I’ve only been working two days a week and his childcare is just really pricey.    Back when I started, I needed a change of pace in life and I got that.  It’s been five good months.  I don’t want to say I’m going back on the things I said, because I’m not  but I’m finding that this is the way I deal with the dramatic change that came my way last July.  I now feel this strong need and urge to be with Sam all the time before he goes to pre school (like, for real and on a schedule) this coming fall.  He has come leaps and bounds in Kinder Care and I’m thankful for that.  Before I know it, he’ll be in school full time and I’ll be back to working full time.  For now though, we are going to enjoy the spring and summer to the max.  Swimming, hiking, biking, playing and just being with each other.  I’m excited!



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