Good Monday Morning

When I was walking through Hobby Lobby right before they closed last night, I saw these and instantly thought how perfect they would be for Naomi’s grave.  When I walk through stores now,  these are thoughts that go through my head.  It’s still my new normal.  Last Sunday I cried…a lot.  It was good for me.  Helps me through my grieving and emotions.

Happy 7 month angel birthday little lady.

naomiprettysWe had a fairly mellow weekend again.  The weather was in and out snowy, but we spent a fair amount of time outside.  Helped Ali and Mark work on their basement before their renters move in later this week, watch a few movies with Sam, worked out, made good food.  The usual 🙂

wallFinally did something with the wall in our front room.  I especially love the butterfly frame with Naomi.  Just perfect.



Afternoon sledding followed by big bowls of hot chili.  Delicious!

chilichilipowderWe always like to make our own chili powder, especially when I use it in chili.  So easy and quick to make.  Recipe HERE

I’m down a 1/2 lb from last week.  Not surprising since I’ve had two bigger losses the past two weeks in a row.  I’ll take it and I’m still moving in the right direction.  I was also fairly sick last week with this junk/cold so I didn’t workout for several days in a row.  It’s good though since now I’m finally feeling better.  We’ve made some good food lately.  BBQ sauce marinated pork tenderloin with roasted broccoli and some shredded parm.

porkwingslawChicken wings with a slaw made up by Dan.  Both wing sauce and slaw dressing were SO good!  I’ll have to try and get the recipes up.

And speaking of recipes, I have a whole post dedicated to that and food related things that will be up tomorrow.

And also, here’s to hoping Ali and Mark’s baby #3 can stay hibernating and growing for a while longer.  They had a scare last week that may have resulted in her delivering at 33 weeks.  I haven’t said anything much yet on this blog about what’s going on.  Baby has a fairly large mass growing on the back of her neck.  None of the doctors know what it is, but they do know it’s full of blood vessels.  As the baby grows, the mass can start to strain the heart so it’s been beating faster than they’d like.  Thankfully it was just a scare and from here on out, Ali will do two non-stress tests per week along with her regular weekly ultrasound.  I am just SO hoping she can make it to the first week in March.  Even one more full week would be great!  Please send Ali and Mark good thoughts, vibes, prayers or whatever you have.  They are amazing and we can’t wait to meet her!


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