Resting and some video

We’ve all had the crap that’s been going around.  Mine seems to be lingering forever.  It’s in my chest now.  Not fun.  I’m sure I overdid it in spin class on Monday, which made me feel less than awesome yesterday.  Since I started on this weight loss journey I haven’t really had to rest more than my active rest days.  Dan made sure I didn’t do any working out yesterday and today.  I need rest despite my mind telling me otherwise.   I want this junk to be gone!


Sam came down with pinkeye and is also trying to get rid of the last of his cold.  Poor guy.   Thank goodness for the antibiotic drops (despite how bad he fights them going in)  He’s already looking better and we’ll be able to make his little friends Valentine party this afternoon.  Glad he’s on the mend.

1360165156393He’s in a great mood, thankfully!

Here’s some Sam skiing video, mostly for family of course.  He’s doing so well.  Monday was the first day without using the harness the entire way down.  He did awesome!  I’m 99% sure he just cares more about eating snow and watching other people than the actual skiing part.  So proud of him!


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