Good Monday Morning

The inversion is back, so it’s a bit gloomy out.  But, we did get some good sunshine up in the mountains this weekend.

mejennskiJenn and I went skiing on Saturday afternoon.  It was warm, beautiful and just what I needed!

gmasamskiAfter I skied with Jenn for a bit we met up with my Mom and Sam.  He did SO good this time!  Some friends of ours also joined us and one of them has taught skiing for years and years.  He skied in front of Sam while I was behind him, barley holding the harness.  He made turns and stops the entire way down.  So proud of the little guy (video to come soon).  This was by far the best he’s done yet!

snowmansamIt warmed into the 40’s last week.  It felt down right balmy compared to the cold inversion weather we’ve been used to.  We played outside a lot and Sam got back to building frosty’s.

samsiribikeOf course we had to bike with cousins while the weather and air was better.

samthreeyrcheckSam had his three year check up on Friday.

15 percentile for height and weight.  I keep saying he’s may be small, but does big things already!  He is healthy, happy and thriving.  Dr. Witt was proud of us and it’s always reassuring as Mom to be told you’re doing all the right things.

fish tacosI don’t have many food pics, but we have been eating yummy food.  Dan made his fish tacos a couple nights ago.  Delicious!  I ate one with a corn tortilla and the rest on a bed of that green/purple cabbage/cilantro slaw.

And this morning I’m down 3 lbs from last week.   I’m now at 173 pounds.  A weight I’ve not seen for a LONG time except for once back when I went to Mexico when I was 20 years old.  I think the last time I weighed this was in junior high.  Not kidding.    I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself or that I’m hungry or that it’s especially hard.  I told Dan this morning that I don’t want to say it feels effortless (because losing weight is hard!), but in  sense it does because I fell full all the time and it’s just working for me. Oh, and I’m also a bit surprised because I’ve had a rotten cold all last week and the past few days I’ve had so much junk in my chest and lungs.  I can’t wait for that to go away!

In combination with the way I eat and the way I workout, (see both posts below) this is working and giving me success.  It does take lots of motivation and dedication to stick with it all, but it becomes easier as the time goes by.  It’s habit now, which feels so good.  I’ll be back in a couple days, posting a bunch of recipes, per request from lots of you.  I’ll try to get them up by Wednesday or Thursday.

Have a great week!

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