Primal living and eating {day to day life}

(this is quite wordy, but really informative to understand how I live day to day and where my success comes from.)

I’ve learned not to be “preachy” about the way Dan and I live and eat.  I’ve learned not to say “you shouldn’t eat this or that” to people, especially family 🙂  I would however like to expand a little and talk more about this huge part of my life.   It’s been quite the lifestyle change in the best way possible and at a time in my life when I needed it most.

I would never tell anyone how to live their day to day life and what you should be eating, but I will let you know the way I do if you ask or it comes up in conversation with friends or family.  I want you to know how good I feel and the reasons behind it.  I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, but I have learned and felt A LOT already.

After Naomi was born, I could.not.sleep.  I was 100% sure I was doomed to be on sleeping pills for a long, long time.  I would go to bed thinking I was tired and just lay there for hours and hours.  Or, I would go to bed and sleep, but then wake up around 2am and just be awake forever.   About 3 weeks after I made this transition to eating differently, I instantly started sleeping better….better than ever.   Better than when I thought I slept really well in my early 20’s.   I also gained a ton of energy.  It was pretty amazing that by simply changing what I put in my body, my energy was and still is through the roof most days.  I then get sleepy around 10pm and am in bed most nights by 10:30pm.  There are nights when I don’t sleep as well for various reasons, including if Sam wakes up and needs attention, but overall the sleeping and energy are reasons enough to think about making a transition for yourself.  It’s reason enough for me to eat this way for the rest of my life.  Oh, and I also used to have bad acid pains in my back and would have to take Prilosec… those are now gone.   Weight loss aside, I would tell anyone to try this for at least a month to see if you can see and feel improvements.  I bet you $500 you will 🙂


I have been lucky in that Dan started eating this way about four years ago.  I used to think he was crazy…and I mean CRAZY for eliminating bread, pasta and whole grains from his daily life. How can you NOT eat gluten or sugar?!  He never ate a lot of sugar besides dark chocolate, honey and natural sugars but still, he eliminated any of that as well.  More recently he found out that when he eats gluten, he breaks out in dermatitis (eczema).  When he eliminates it, he doesn’t get those flare ups, which means we don’t have to spend money on ointments.

The reason I choose to lead this life and made the switch is because I knew it would help with my weight loss #1,  #2 it’s just the natural way we were eating in our lives anyway and #3, in the past I’ve had various forms of stomach pains and upset insides specifically after eating lots of pasta, bread, a milkshake or heavy/bready/carby things and I knew I needed to get rid of those feelings and bloating if I wanted to feel better and normal all the time.   I had listened to a lot of the research Dan had done and did ( and still do)  quite a bit on my own, through reading

This is the food “pyramid” I live my life day to day by.  This is not to say that I don’t enjoy a yummy baked good, treat or splurge a little but for the most part, this is the way I look at what I put in my body.

food_pyramid_flat_2011Here is what I eat most the week…

 Breakfast-eggs with bacon or sausage & green or chai tea.  Snack after spin and in the afternoon (any one or two of the following) string cheese, jerky, rice crackers, almond butter, clementine, nuts, veggies, berries.   LunchHUGE salad.  Greens, veggies, chicken, some feta cheese, sometimes some sunflower or pumpkin seeds, my homemade dressing.  Dinnersome sort of protein and veggies (we grill year round and like to roast in the oven in the winter).  Always some dark chocolate chips after dinner or even after lunch.  This varies on the day, but is pretty typical.  Many times I won’t eat breakfast on Tues/Thursday and Dan and I have been known to fast from after dinner on Saturday night til dinner on Sunday around 5pm.  You might say….”but that’s bad for you?!”  Nope, it really isn’t (see the research and why’s here: Intermittent Fasting)  and if I’m being totally honest,  makes you feel humbled knowing what those who are starving and don’t have access to food probably feel like.  Plus, it really, truly makes me feel better and all around lighter.  I am full…all the time.  Consuming less calories and still being way full?  Pretty awesome I’d say.

IMG_3574Coconut Curry Meatballs on purple cabbage-recipes coming soon per request.
purplecabbageSoy marinaded pork tenderloin w/ Sauteed purple cabbage

So, my diet consists mainly of lean meats, eggs, tons of veggies, nuts, seeds, some rice, beans and potatoes, some fruit, some dairy (mostly full fat-cause fat keeps you full…fat doesn’t make you fat!), dark chocolate, extra virgin olive and coconut oil and other random things that don’t contain gluten or added sugar. I should also say that I take a few daily multi vitamin, one vitamin D, and two fish oil capsules.

Has it been hard?  Yes, it was hard in the beginning but the more and more I lose and the happier and healthier I feel, it’s all so worth it and I wish, wish , wish everyone I know could feel the way I do.  Do I miss not eating yummy chips, sandwiches, treats and that kind of stuff? Nope, I don’t.   I also understand that it’s not the way to eat and live for everyone, but you won’t know until you try.  Oh, and not eating “whole grains”  on  a daily basis won’t kill you…it’ll ultimately make you feel better…and have to cook one less thing at night 🙂


Stay tuned for another post related to exercise and working out.  Active rest is good.  Walking is also really good.   I’ll talk about “chronic cardio” and how I’ve let go of that mentality and my day to day work outs.

Good night!


2 thoughts on “Primal living and eating {day to day life}

  1. I love this post, it motivates me to eat….cleaner. Besides needed to break my addiction of sugar, I hesitate to eat like you because of cost. I think you should keep track of your grocery receipts and do a post about that so I can see how much (or not) it costs to eat like you guys do.

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