Good Monday Morning

And a snowy one to you!

IMG_3571ussnowWe watched it snow yesterday for a bit.  He was asking me about why it was windy and how the snowflakes go zoom and fly around so much.  He was extra snuggly yesterday since he has another cold.  Second one in a month.  I now hove some version of it too.  Ugh.

bfastofchampsMy breakfast of champions after a good spin class.  This keeps me full for a long time and it’s delicious.

And I’m happy to say I’m down 3lbs from last week.  Thanks goodness! I made good choices all week, had great workouts and didn’t stress about anything.  We’ve made some yummy food lately and also ate at one of our fav’s…

porkwrapsOh Mai honey glazed pork lettuce wrap.  I get this pretty much everytime we go 🙂

chickenpistacioPistachio Cinnamon Chicken Salad.  I used 1tsp of cinnamon and 2% greek yogurt.  So good and different! I served mine over some greens, Dan just had it plain.

samdentistSam had his first real check up.  He wouldn’t open his eyes the whole time he was laying down, but did SO awesome.  It was pretty funny.

rockjumpHe jumped off the rock wall probably 25 times.

siriyogurtSiri and I on a frozen yogurt date!  I took her for the afternoon on Saturday so Ali and Mark could work more on their basement.  It’s crunch time before their renters move in, so we’re trying to help them as much as possible…especially since Ali is already 7 months pregnant and needs to NOT over do it…right Ali? 😉

nakeyboyHe cracks me up.  He was still pretty chipper considering this bad cold he has.  One afternoon all he wanted to do was be “nakey” and jump on the couch.   A pretty relaxed weekend with not much going on.  I like it that way.


2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning

  1. Way to go on your 3 lbs loss! Thats great!! The pork wrap looks delish! I need to get my kiddos into the dentist, my oldest is 4.5 yrs and she hasnt been yet. Eek! Keep up your hard work!

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