Good Monday Morning

We had a super fun weekend filled with relaxing, skiing and spending time with my family at Grandma Carol’s yesterday.

Friday Siri got her tonsils out, so we played with Jane for a bit while Siri got settled at home.   These two can be so silly together.

samjaniesharkTook him to the Aquarium as well.  Trying to stay out of the yucky air/smog we have going on and we haven’t been for a long time.  Thanks Grandpa Mike for the season pass!

alfsI skied all afternoon until I met up with Dan and Sam to take him skiing.  I wish I had pictures or video of how well he did, but I was too busy talking to him and answering all of his question on the way down.  He is doing better and better each time we go.  Makes me proud 🙂  So pretty up in the mountains with clean air, warmer temps and lots of sunshine.

smogThe grossness that is our valley air.

uskamasSo pretty up in Kamas.  Emily, Sam and Janie

IMG_3556Sam followed Connor around til the sun went down 🙂

IMG_3550sesameWe had a yummy dinner at my Mom’s yesterday, which included one of my favorite appetizer’s.  I did a block of cream cheese, toasted sesame seeds, warmed it through then dunk in {gluten free} soy sauce.  Served with rice crackers.  YUM.

And speaking of food…For those of you that watch the Biggest Loser, I had one of those moments this morning when I stepped on the scale and was so disappointed and pretty shocked to see I’m up 4 lbs in the last two weeks.  UP FOUR POUNDS?!  What?  Ugh.  When I saw that I immediately thought, “food is the devil, blaahhhhh!!”   It really isn’t the devil, but it can be.  I’m trying to look at food as a way to fuel my body, not for comfort.  Old habits die hard or not all the way in this case.  I’m surprised but know there are some factors for this gain for sure.  Jane and Kelly were here for several days…we ate out, I indulged and splurged.  I’ve had various things in my mind that I stress about and that keeps me up at night, so that doesn’t help.  From Wed-Sat of last week I was seriously, seriously hungry.  I kept telling Dan I feel ravenous!  Like, I just ate.  A lot.  Not junk or anything, just a lot of good for you food and  too much dark chocolate.   Oh, and I ate way too many carby/bread/salty things at dinner last night and my insides were mad at me all night.  Ugh, what was I thinking?!!

  I didn’t stray from working out…that’s the easy part for me.

As disappointed and frustrated as I am, I will keep moving forward and stay committed to this. I’m over 3.5 months into this and I’m not giving up!  Losing weight and this journey is SO, SO hard, especially when these things happen.  I’m taking it one week at a time and I’m hoping to report back better success next week.



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