He’s so cool and a super fun visit

We had the best time with Grandma Jane and Auntie Kelly.  One of the best things about having them come is every morning when Sam wakes up, he wants to go right downstairs to wake them up and play.  The best. (this goes for when Grandpa is here too:))  They played and played and played with him, celebrated his life, visited Naomi with us, ate yummy food, watched football and just kept us company.   I hope they can always come for his birthday!

patsStarted off the weekend right with some Pat’s BBQ.  Go there.

frostingFrosted a lot of cupcakes with Grandma for his little party.

samjaneHad waffles and a few more gifts on Sunday, his actual birthday.  Such a cheese ball!

crowdWe watched him entertain his animals friends for quite some time.  It was pretty awesome.

grandmaweddingdressI got to go wedding dress shopping with Jane and Kelly.  SO fun to just watch her try on dress after dress.  And seriously, she looked good in all of them!  This isn’t the dress, but it’s one of our favorites.   Beautiful!  Ali and Siri joined us for part of it and Siri was loving it!

pancakesWent to a yummy brunch at Millcreek Cafe, then to see Naomi.  He snarfed down those pancakes.  Holy cow.

uspancakeswinternaomiSnowy visit to give sister a balloon.

familyphoWe ended their stay with one of our favorite meals.  Pho at Oh Mai.

We miss you so much already!  It was quite lonely when they left with Dan for the aiport then an hour later I had to take Sam to Kinder Care…withdrawls!  Can’t wait for next time  and to see Auntie Kelly and Andy for their wedding in August.


And on another note, cause Sam is cool and I want to remember this stuff

Some of the things he is up to these days, mostly for me to remember…

*He’s very much into trains, cars, trucks, anything with wheels, playing Candy Land and watching “shows” when we let him*Loves to watch The Grinch.  Not sure why, but asks almost daily to watch it.    Also loves Super Why, Curious George, Mighty Machines and any new show with animals or big trucks/diggers.  Loves to ride his bike and go skiing.  Getting much better at both everytime.
*Is learning to share better with his friends and cousins.  It’s a struggle sometimes, but he’s getting better with patience and understanding
*Is day/nap potty trained.  We’ll get there at night eventually.  Loves to pick out his own undies each day.  Still scared to poop, but getting much better with telling us and it always goes in the toilet!
*Sleeps from about 8pm to 6:30-7am most days (can be earlier or later sometimes).  One nap from 1-2:30 or 3pm at home and Kinder Care.
*Is a super picky eater.  He likes greek yogurt, sausage, chicken nuggets, pb&J sandwiches, rice cakes w/ mustard and cheese, pretzels, rice crackers, chicken, broccoli, bean sprouts, pho noodle soup, most treats when he can get them and other random stuff.  Sometimes he eats, sometimes he won’t 🙂
*Knows all of his numbers, letters, colors, loves to help us read books and also read on his own to us (memorized the books of course), sing songs, play “chase” and we hear often from people that he speaks like a five year old.  So lucky he’s so good at communicating and speaking in general.
*Says “cheesearooski”  when we take a picture.
*Can throw an awesome and epic tantrum.  Terrible two’s were nothing compared to Three’s, I’m sure.
*Has such a good memory.  Comes in super handy when he wants a certain thing or toy and I have no idea where he left it.

We love you so, so much Sam!  Here’s to another year of awesomeness.  Oh, and I’ll be back for weighing in and a Good Monday Morning post next week.


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