Six months gone by

It’s crazy sometimes,  this whole grieving process.  I am 100% sure I’m stuck in a time warp now.  My cousin Krista said it best a few months back…”welcome to time warp, it’s crazy…in a good and bad way!” Her son was also stillborn at birth over eight years ago so we relate to each other and I listen, take advice and trust everything she says when it comes to this aspect of our lives.  She is wise 🙂

I feel as though it’s been forever since Naomi was born, yet the memory and images I have in my heart and mind are SO vivid and real and close.  I tend to say this a lot, but you just can’t know what it’s like unless you’ve been through something like this.  The good news?  I’m in a good place right now emotionally and physically.  I was sad during the month of December.  Like, a lot and that’s OK.  It’s good and it means I’m working through my grieving and moving forward.  Being sad whenever I want is healthy for me.

Six months ago our lives changed in a tragic and unimaginable way.  I am coming out stronger  than I thought and I hope it continues as the years go by.  Today I am sad and happy…all at once.  I love you little girl.  So much.

Naomi Jane_071naomiblocks



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